AIRBHG Victim Total: 38 and counting...

With all this AIRBHG talk, I have gotten curious to see exactly what has happened since 2001, the notorious birth of the God we know as AIRBHG. I have seen multiple timelines of the injuries and such, but haven't found one that has all the info I want or one that has a ton of background information I would rather not have. So, I decided I would create my own timeline that shows every significant incident since 2001, and I would number them to see how bad it really is. And, being me, I did a few statistics, too. After the jump!


1) Ladell Betts misses last game of Hawkeye career due to injury after 1,056 yard, 10 TD season and 3,600+ yard, 25 TD career.


2) Aaron Greving, leading returning rusher, injures ankle and hip and leaves team before game against #8 Michigan. Hawkeye career ends with 338 yards rushing and 6 TD.

3) Justice Hariston fails to make team, leaves to play for Purdue.


4) Jermelle Lewis tears ACL in spring practice, misses half a season and becomes less productive.

5) Back-up Albert Young breaks leg on kickoff return, out for season.

6) A.J. Johnson gets kicked off team, leaves with 63 yards and 1 TD as a true freshman.


7) Fred Russell leaves early for the NFL, leaves Iowa with 2,760 yards and 17 TD.

8) Jermelle Lewis runs for 200 yards and 1 TD then tears other ACL 4 games into senior season.

9) Albert Young tears ACL misses second full season.

10) Marques Simmons misses several games with ankle sprain.

11) Marcus Schnoor rushes 6 times for 25 yards, then tears ACL.

12) Champ Davis misses final four games due to injury.

13) Sam Brownlee leads Iowa in rushing with 227 yards.


14) Kalvin Bailey flunks out before playing a game.

15) Corey Robertson flunks out before playing a game.


16) Shonn Greene declared ineligible.

17) Dana Brown is kicked off the team after assault charges. Finishes career with 16 yards and a TD.


18) Jevon Pugh leaves Iowa after one year. Leaves with 40 yards and a TD.

19) Jeff Brinson redshirts after injury.

20) Nate Guillory, 2nd string RB with 2,644 yards and 28 TD's in JuCo career, leaves before season starts.


21) Shonn Greene leaves early for NFL, leaves Iowa with 2,228 yards and 22 TD. Averaged 142.3 YPG in '08.

22) Jewel Hampton tears ACL in fall camp.

23) Jeff Brinson out with injury.

24) Adam Robinson and Brandon Wegher switch on and off with ankle sprains, pulled muscles, etc.


25) Jeff Brinson leaves Iowa with 1 carry for 7 yards.

26) Brandon Wegher leaves team for 'personal reasons'.

27) Marcus Coker breaks collarbone in fall practice.

28) Jewel Hampton tears ACL in 3rd game, leaves team. Ends career with 574 yards and 8 TDs.

29) Adam Robinson out for concussion, grades, then kicked off team for marijuana before bowl game. Leaves Iowa with 2 years of eligibility remaining with 1,723 yards and 15 TD.

30) Brad Rogers misses bowl game with heart condition.


31) Freshman Mika'il McCall suffers a broken ankle after 9 carries and 61 yards.

32) Brad Rogers misses the first half of the season with the heart condition.

33) Mika'il McCall gets first action after recovering from broken ankle, fumbles on 2nd carry. Later suspended from team and leaves Iowa with 3 years of eligibility left.

34) Marcus Coker gets suspended for bowl game, then kicked off team for good. Leaves Iowa with 1,983 yards and 18 TDs with 2 years of eligibility left.


35) Jordan Canzeri suffers ACL tear in spring practice.

36) Greg Garmon arrested for marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

37) De'Andre Johnson, who was listed as the #2 back before fall camp, cited for Disorderly House, then charged with speeding on a motorcycle as well as evading police. Kicked off team. Rushes for 79 yards in career with 3 years of eligibility remaining.

38) Freshman Barkley Hill tears ACL less than a month before first game, out for season.

So, my running count comes to 38 incidents in the last 11 years. THIRTY-EIGHT. That's more than 3 running back incidents a year.

Additionally, that's 28 different running backs. That's 2.5 DIFFERENT running backs each year for 11 years. Most teams have 2 different running backs for 3-5 years at a time. We have had 1 running back last 4 years in the last 11 years.

Also interesting, there have been 8 ACL tears. Even more interesting is that only 5 running backs have suffered ACL tears, meaning a few had some weak knees.

The others are run-ins with law, dropping out, or just bad luck. Fuck you, AIRBHG.

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