It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Ferentz Waits For Garmon, Talks Bowls

TEMPE, AZ - DECEMBER 30: Head coach Kirk Ferentz of the Iowa Hawkeyes walks the sidelines during the Insight Bowl against the Oklahoma Sooners at Sun Devil Stadium on December 30, 2011 in Tempe, Arizona. The Sooners defeated the Hawkeyes 31-14. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN IOWA CITY, THEN NOT. THEN THERE AGAIN, THEN NOT. Kirk Ferentz will wait until the Judge rules on Greg Garmon's case before any discipline is determined for the incoming freshman running back. He's still part of the team but not on campus. Several freshmen are in Iowa City but it's not required until August.

WE HAVE A FOUR TEAM PLAYOFF IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL. A final four with seeds within the bowl system was approved by the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee yesterday. That will make Kirk Ferentz happy. He talked to Marc Morehouse yesterday before the final announcement and said he "wants the Bowls involved." Ferentz told Morehouse,

"I think that is important, it's important to our game. It's been great for our game."

Ferentz added,

"If I were the commissioner of sports, it'd be a 12- to 14-day break and then play the championship game. Let those two teams make the adjustment, which might cross into school session."

Gary Barta didn't get what he wanted. He told Morehouse he was in favor of a plus-one model.

ABOUT THE APPROVED PLAYOFFS. Here's a blog entry with the breakdown, I'll summarize. Any four teams are eligible and there is not automatic qualifying status (AQ). There will be a selection committee, how or who has yet to be determined. Strength of schedule will be a factor as well as win/loss record and conference champions. Semi final games will be played on December 31st or January 1st; the championship game will follow the week after. If Big Ten and or Pac-12 teams don't make the semifinals they will meet in the Rose Bowl.

IT'S IOWA DAY ON THE BIG TEN NETWORK, AGAIN! This Thursday, the BTN will again air an entire day of Iowa Hawkeye programming. The 2009 Big Ten Wrestling Championships are there, so is last season's Pitt comeback victory. Jarryd Cole and Fran McCaffery defeating top ranked Purdue is there too.

JAMES VANDENBERG WATCHES HBO. He told Ryan Suchomel he plans to watch for Ken O'Keefe on HBO's Hard Knocks series. Suchomel has other notes from Brad Rogers, Dr. Bigach and Christian Kirksey.

THE TOP STORY THIS WEEK HAS BEEN FOOTBALL RECRUITING. Kirk Ferentz says Iowa isn't pressuring prospects to commit but the early commitments are part of a changing landscape. It's not the addition or new coaches or the desire to clear the slate to prepare for the season. It's the recruiting services and recruits making their minds up faster, per Ferentz.

SCOTT DOCHTERMAN SAYS JOSH OGLESBY IS BULKING UP. Hopefully he's not on the 2011 Melsahn Basabe "bulk up" plan. Dochterman says Oglesby is getting stronger and it's not bothering his three point touch. Perhaps he's adding strength to push it back to Kingsbury range.

AARON WHITE HAS BEEN GETTING A LOT OF PUB. But he's not letting it go to his head. Pat Harty writes that White hasn't changed his demeanor, but his game is improving.

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