INPIYLTI: Feldman Gives Iowa Football 8 Wins, Night Two Of The PTL

PTL Video #2 6/24/2012 (via brendanstiles)

BRUCE FELDMAN IS TAKING QUESTIONS. In his weekly mailbag series, Feldman, of, likes Iowa to win at least eight games this fall. Feldman likes James Vandenberg as a fifth year quarterback and thinks new offensive coordinator Greg Davis will draw up a game plan to suit his style. Feldman thinks 8-2 heading to Ann Arbor is possible.

MORE ABOUT GREG DAVIS. This time from the Austin Statesman. He has a new lease on his coaching life writes Kirk Bohls. About leaving Texas and being the scapegoat for a 5-7 season, Davis says, "no, I wasn't bitter." He is still friends with Texas coach Mack Brown who left Davis a message after Iowa hired his long time assistant.

We've read and even seen a little bit of what Davis has planned for Iowa. According to Bohls,

Don't expect the Hawkeyes to stay in a five-wide lineup very often - in fact, speed at wide receiver might be their one glaring weakness - but they will operate out of the shotgun some and employ elements of the same no-huddle, up-tempo, two-minute offense that was wildly effective at Texas until it wasn't.

One final note on Davis, he likes his new digs. He said about the Hawkeye black and gold, "it's trimming."

IT WAS THE SECOND GAME FOR THE PRIME TIME LEAGUE. Brendan Stiles, of Hawkeye Drive, has the video above plus others on his blog. Devyn Marble poured in 34 points yesterday. Melsahn Basabe had the best day with 29 points and 14 rebounds. Basabe talked a little bit about playing with former Hawkeye Jarryd Cole and said,

"Jarryd was a safety net for me my freshman year, and last year, that was part of the reason why I was lost as well. I realized that anytime a time was rough, he was always coaching me up."

Mike Gesell added 14 points and nine assists. Adam Woodbury posted a double-double with 10 points and 11 rebounds.

SCOTT DOCHTERMAN ALSO TOOK IN SOME PTL ACTION. He has some bullet points on his Cedar Rapids Gazette blog. Doc really likes Mike Gesell. He also says Josh Oglesby has bulked up this offseason and that Devyn Marble is working on his fadeaway. Dochterman's blog post has plenty of PTL video too.

DOC IS BACK FROM VACATION AND HE'S WRITING ABOUT MELSAHN BASABE. We read a little last week about how Basabe is ready to shake off his sophomore slump season. Basabe himself described his workouts last preseason as "lazy." Dochterman writes that Melsahn is ready to shake the "lazy" label.

FRAN MCCAFFERY'S BROTHER JACK WAS IN TOWN TO TAKE IN SOME PTL ACTION. Fran can't be at PTL games so his brother was his eyes yesterday. Jack McCaffery is a writer and covers sports for the Delaware Daily County Times. He had several complimentary things to say to Pat Harty about Iowa and the basketball program.

SOME MORE INFO ON IOWA'S LATEST ST. LOUIS RECRUITS. This comes from Both Derrick Mitchell Jr. and Andre Harris are described as "playmakers." They both claim serious speed in the forty-yard dash. Playmakers. Speed. Exactly what Iowa needs.

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