It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Uthoff Taken First; Vandenberg Talks Killing Bears

Jarrod Uthoff is happy to escape Wisconsin and the constant beatings red-shirt freshmen suffered at the hands of Bo Ryan's assistants and their shoes. Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

WE TALKED A LITTLE PRIME TIME LEAGUE YESTERDAY. Last night, the newest member of the Hawkeye team (let's assume this) was selected first in the North Liberty Prime Time League draft. Jarrod Uthoff was the first overall selection by team Merchants/Gatens. Here's more of the current Hawkeye draft selections, thanks to bloggin' buudy

1st (overall pick) - Jarrod Uthoff (Merchants/Gatens)
2nd - Mike Gesell (Armstrong/Skogman)
3rd - Aaron White (Culver's/Ready Mix)
4th - Devyn Marble (Pelling/McCurry's)
6th - Eric May (Culver's/Ready Mix)
7th - Melsahn Basabe (Armstrong/Skogman)
8th - Zach McCabe (Merchants/Gatens)
9th - Adam Woodbury (Merchants/Gatens)
10th - Jarryd Cole* (Armstrong/Skogman)
12th - Gabe Olaseni (Pelling/McCurry's)
14th - Anthony Clemmons (Culver's/Ready Mix)
16th - Josh Oglesby (Merchants/Gatens)
18th - Kyle Meyer (Armstrong/Skogman)
26th - Darius Stokes (Armstrong/Skogman)

LEAGUE DIRECTOR RANDY LARSEN TOOK UTHOFF FIRST. He told Brendan Stiles he thinks Uthoff is a "Gordon Hayward-type player." Larsen also selected Zach McCabe and Adam Woodbury to play the post for his squad. Sophomore Josh Oglesby will add an outside game to Larsen's Merchants team.

MEANWHILE, MCCAFFERY WAS OUT WORKING THE I-CLUB CIRCUIT. Quad Cities television anchor Matt Randazzo caught up with Iowa's head basketball coach. There's not a lot new from Fran. He did say all the players were back and that's important to for them work together this summer both in the PTL and in the weight room. McCaffery noted his team will still be young next year but he believes he has the pieces to press and run more than the two seasons before.

MOREHOUSE HAS MORE ABOUT JAMES VANDENBERG AND THE GIANT BEAR. The bear weighed 350 pounds. Vandenberg told his hunting story yesterday to reporters that were allowed a brief session with select Hawkeye football players yesterday. Former Hawkeye Pat Angerer, long time friend of Vandenberg, told JVB his prized bear looked more "like a baby."

MOREHOUSE SPOKE WITH AND GRABBED VIDEO FROM SEVERAL OTHER PLAYERS. Christian Kirksey is up to 227 pounds and says he's comfortable taking the leadership role as a junior. Kirksey says he's also comfortable with Phil Parker as defensive coordinator. Kicker Mike Meyer talks about getting touchbacks on kickoffs. Kevonte Martin-Manley says they are making progress with the new offense and that the slot or outside wide receiver doesn't matter to him. C.J. Fiedorowicz is excited about potentially getting more deep routes as a tight end. Brad Rogers says Iowa's run game will be "pretty much the same" and he may be more involved in the passing game. Finally, Micah Hyde said about the incoming freshman Greg Garmon that he's "eager to welcome him into the fold and show him the way."

GARMON WAS BROUGHT UP TO MORE THAN JUST HYDE. Kevonte Martin-Manley also said "If I had to talk to Greg today, I would tell him to make better decisions." Christian Kirkey also had a comment, he told reporters,

"What happened in the past, is in the past. Like I tell all freshmen - you're becoming a man when you get to college. You have to make good decisions. As an older guy, I have to tell all the freshmen that everybody is watching. Everything they do is out in the open."

Kirksey added this as a memo to Iowa fans, "everybody makes mistakes. Don't hold grudges. Everyone deserves a second chance."

THIS WAS A LATE ADDITION TO THE INP COMMENTS MONDAY. I wanted to make sure everyone read it. The Des Moines Register's Randy Peterson tells us all about Iowa's new offensive coordinator Greg Davis. There's about eight minutes of video there along with a solid write-up.



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