Hawkeye Mt. Rushmore (of the Ferentz era)

Recently, Rob Howe tweeted "Who's on your hawkeye Mount Rushmore of Ferentz era players?" The thought to me was rather intriguing. Seeing as how Twitter limits your responses to 140 Characters, I figured writing a fan post and getting responses from my personal favorite internet community here at the Pants.

The criteria can be all your own. There are several factors that you could take into consideration for which players you want to put up there:

-On Field Impact

-Record setting performances

-Great total Careers

-Unbelievable Individual Seasons

-Long term fan connection

-Success as a Hawkeye and in the NFL

-Great stories about them

-Just Favorite players in General

Hell it doesn't really matter what the criteria you use to put a players face among the other three most meaningful Hawkeyes to you are. There aren't really wrong answers unless you threw out Jake Christensen and Bone Crusher... then you may need your head checked.

Kirk Ferentz has been the coach at Iowa for over Half of my life span and I was only 10 when he started I don't recall a ton prior to the 2002 team when I really started following Hawkeye football.

My choices.

Bob Sanders - A testament of, in my opinion, what it means to be a Hawkeye. Small player who came and worked harder than most would and developed into an all time great and went on to win a Super Bowl and be Defensive player of the year in the League.

Shonn Greene - Such an awesome story. We all know about the whole working as a moving guy, and taking a year away from football triumphant return to glory as the best individual season a hawkeye running back has ever had. I personally remember the Green out (not very successful because of the cold and short notice) we had against Penn St. that year because he was having such a good season.Incredibly memorable and, he was a fun horse to ride that one season.

Ricky Stanzi - This was by far the easiest selection for me. I can't name a player in my generation of Hawkeyes that is more popular with me and my group of Hawkeye friends and even my family members. During this discussion with my circle of friends he was a unanimous decision. Not only because of his great personality and American Hero personality, but the guy was actually great. He was a winner 14-4 as a starter, and often the Hawk's were underdogs when it came to the spread. As a college junior with a love for sports betting, Stanzi fueled many drunken gambling celebrations in college.

Pat Angerer - This last spot was ridiculously tough for me. I had to pick over Dallas Clarke, Gallery, Nate Kading, Brad Banks, Mo Brown, and call me crazy but i really liked Domo CBI Doug. Ultimately I picked Angererbecause of 3 quotes and how mean of a dude he is between the lines. Quote 1. When asked about his injured thumb he said "My best friend is my brother's dog Cash, he doesn't have any thumbs and he's doing just fine." Quote 2. "The United State of Iowa" Quote 3, my favorite and the deciding factor really; "If you wanna be a man, you come to the university of Iowa and you play for Kirk Ferentz." It doesn't really get more awesome than that.

So there are my picks, it's a long wait until September ladies and gents. I'm excited to hear other peoples picks and thoughts on this topic.

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