Hamsterdam Has a New Mayor

OOOOOOHHHHH YEEEEAAAAHHHH. There's a new Mayor up in here. Somebody to help get these posts up more regularly and to keep all you loyal BHGPers entertained. And that somebody is... not me. It's Mexican't. Technically, we'll be sharing the duties (and the next Ham'dam you see will probably be authored by him), but the truth is I'm simply not cool enough to be Mayor, I'm more of a Comptroller. But just like in a real city, you'll be needing both of us to run this place.

Mexican't is your cool-as-a-cucumber, says-the-right-things Tommy Carcetti type. I'm a less presentable, back-room guy they keep away from the masses, basically I'm Norman Wilson. I guess that would make Ross the retiring Bunny Colvin, which is a pretty cool guy to be. I'm now jealous. So anyway, if you liked Ross's Hamsterdam posts (and you should, because Ross rawks), you'll love Mexican't's posts that will generally be more of the same: current and interesting internet memes, youtube videos, and Archer references to kick off your conversations. But I am not very internet-savvy and not very current on cultural norms, so I suspect I'll be doing some quick interesting thoughts on whatever books I'm currently reading (Basque history & St. Patrick), whatever music currently moves me (James Brown), or whatever months-old internet meme I just found out about (Shit Girls Say). I hope to accomplish a miniature version of a poor man's "10 reasons why Iowa will lose to..." that Stoops pulls off so eloquently.

Here's the overall plan: Mexican't and myself will be putting up new Hamsterdam posts roughly every other day and bumping the most recent one to the top every night for all of you denizens to go crazy. We hope that more regularity also helps to clean up the streets of BHGP with a quick "Take it to Hamsterdam" when things get a little off-topic. Yes, we're just as guilty of this as you are. But the Mayor and the Comptroller of Hamsterdam want this place to thrive.

So to recap:

1) More Hamsterdam posts, more regularly

2) This is RossWB:


3) This is The Mexican't:


4) This is therealCatnuts:


5) We would greatly appreciate your help finding for us this lovely young lady:


(photos credit to wikipedia)

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