Bambi vs. Godzilla or the Eagle was in the building

NOTE This was originally written for the Mid Majority but they chose not to publish it. I thought some of my friends here might enjoy it,,, and if you have never seen it - Bambi vs. Godzilla is well worth watching.

Winthrop vs. Ohio State 12/18/12

My heart is five hundred and seventy miles west
Just south of a lazy bend in the Iowa River
Carver Hawkeye or CHA to the faithful
Land of the Free
Home of the Hawks

It’s a ten hour drive
One way
No matter how much I want to do it
Very often to see the Hawks play
It just doesn’t happen

Yet I find myself in the Fertile Crescent
Thirty five miles from Athens
Where Mr. Groce took the Bobcats to the Sweet Sixteen
And you can get a ticket any night
With no bad seats in the house
And several neighbors to bump into

Twice that
Lands me where I am now
Section 329 Row J in Schottenstein
Season tickets making me a booster
Hah, like I would boost tOSU?

A little more than three times that distance
And I can make it to the bad fraction
Fifth Third
Former home of Huggy (still 11th all time scorer in Ohio HS history)
But the Bearcats are resurgent

And in most years less than fisticuffs
Playing the Musketeers
A great place to see a ball game
Big X on the floor plus seven miles

Before Jimmy Jackson died
He took me to Rupp three or four times a year
One hundred ninety two miles
But if you have never seen a game there
It is unmatched

And for the furthest stretch
Usually reserved for NCAA regional’s
The City of Hinkle and the old RCA Dome
Last visited when the Hawks played there
With Cincy and UK and Illinois, whew what a weekend

Although I sit here watching
The most extravagant athletic department do its thing
It is not what I really want
But in the words of the Stones
If you try sometimes, you get what you need.

Not a commonly known fact
I used to coach in a very tiny school
Thirty girls in the HS
Not diminishing their desire
Just lacking a pool, not even big enough to swim in

We would go years without the Varsity Girls
Winning a ballgame
It just made me try harder
And the girls did too
Which makes it easy for me to sit here and watch Winthrop

The Ohio State University
Or tOSU as per Black Hearts Gold Pans vernacular
One of the top five spending athletic departments
As me sainted pappy, God rest his soul, might have said
"betcha they got gold jockstraps"

The football crowd is ugly
Rarely pleasant to anyone in opposing colors
Often sharing body fluids in their disgust
I go there to see the Hawks
And take the grandkids once and a while

The Schott is different
18,809 seats all but the very top fairly good
I am in the SE corner halfway up in C deck
Cheap yes, but I need not turn my head
And can see both benches

Once a year or when the Hawks come to town
I go down low, row five or so on the main deck
A completely different world
But that is what twenty five bucks per ticket
Gets you

I like little guys
I live five miles outside a town of five thousand
On a one lane dead end gravel road
With five houses along the two mile length
I know my neighbors and they know me

I freely admit I love watching the big ten big dogs
Duke it out a hundred feet below me
You have to respect Izzo and Tubby and
The ghost of Bobby Knight
Both on the varsity here and Hoosier Head guy

But I also like the little guys
The guys who have one day in the sun
The guys who only get this
Because tOSU has to have some melba toast
Not even Bo would come here more than once a year

This love has made me follow the MMT for years
This year even pony-ing up for a Bally Card
Because I believe that the little guys matter
And they play good ball
And they are fun to watch

Last year I decided I would pick one game
And write it up for you’ins
Seeing if it might get published
Despite my Appku writing style
Which for the unwashed is App(alachian Hai)ku

I picked the Winthrop Eagles game because
That’s actually a really good question
I looked at the tOSU schedule
Deciding most of the other non con’s
Were places I had been

Winthrop sounded like a Colonial Governor
Ending up with cash and endowing a university
Or at least lending the name
Like the folks in Huntington
Ending up with a former Chief Justice

I have been diligent in my efforts
To broaden my Winthrop expertise
I routinely visit their website
Viewing not only the ball scores
But the academic institution behind it

Without knowing it I rather have fallen in love with the place
Remembering my undergraduate alma matter
Dear Old MC had an enrollment of 620 when I graduated
The Home of the Eagles is a huge place in comparison
Ten times that size and in a sunny clime to boot

South Carolina
Little did I know it was formed to educate young women
To teach in the public schools and started in Columbia
Home of my Brother In Law By Marriage #2 (0f 7)
And my second favorite place in Carolina

Rock Hill
South of Charlotte the second worst traffic jam in the south
But an hour north of BILBM#2
I have driven through it a hundred times on the way to his place
But not lately since they fixed US 23 and it’s an hour quicker that way

OK we have the geography, climate and sociology covered
Nice to have a little background regarding some folks
You are trying to get to know
Perhaps a stretch

Oh shameless I did not realize
The Eagles will be in Athens three nights before they go and face the Buckeyes
Perhaps Crosby Stills Nash & Young
Tin Soldiers and Nixon coming we are finally on our own
Two losses in O-HI-O (but they BEAT OU!!!)

The Eagles represent the Big South
They are no slouches having made seven dances since 2000
And in the Oden Year of ’07
Made it to the second round
Beating Notre Dame by a dime to face the Ducks

The Eagle leader Pat Kelsey has boo koo Ohio connections
A Queen City prep,
His mentor the late Skip Prosser
He played guard for him at Xavier and coached for him there
And at Wake Forrest

So enter the Schott mighty Eagles
Be Bambi to the Buckeye Godzilla
With hope at least
Taking the Bobcats of Athens
To the mat 50-49

Alas Groce is gone to Champaign
Where they be ranked in the top ten
Taking a little glimmer from the win
But the boys of Athens were seven and two
Pre-Eagle loss

So enter at four and four
Sounds like a southern drink
Probably made with vermouth
St. Andrews, Lenoire Brevard & Bobcats
Feeling the wrath of Rock Hill
Can they repeat at the Schot?

Messrs. Smith, Jerome, Bourne, & Henry took the floor
After the folderol of Thomas, Craft et. Al.
And began the journey that lasted almost thirty five minutes
Only ending with a shooting draught and Thomas nailing five in row
Lousy Buckeye shooting perhaps, good Eagle defense I concur

At the first TO under 16 to be exact
The Eagles were only down 9 to 7
After a sweet top of the key three by Mr. Smith
Not headed for Washington but rather
The defeat of the Buckeyes

At the under twelve Eagle fortunes maintained
A dozen apiece replete with a Henry 3
At eight their fate was almost a fete
Up four a pair of two’s to eighteen
The Eagles did come to compete

The boys from Rock Hill maintained their sweat
When the half completed their score was a threat
Down one to the home team that no one would bet
Motta and company had more than a little stress
Homer at 31, Bambi one less

The Eagles maintained their moves on the floor
Taking the lead with at the start of H2
At sixteen their efforts maintained
Thirty five all
The Buckeyes were strained.

Kelsey then suffered the underdog fate
Shooting went cold even with Mr. Gamble’s slick moves
Under the hoops making Ravenel skate
And Buckeye Craft practiced his craft
Of stealing the ball and taking it aft

Thomas then took over the home team moves
Scoring ten without Winthrop response
To be honest the Eagles appeared
To be tired and ready to return
South Carolina as a crash and burn

The remainder of time up on the clock
Was used by the Buckeyes to run up the score
While the Eagles missed free throws
And three bombs
And more

Kelsey demonstrated considerable skill
Fouling and hoping the Buckeyes would chill
But Mr. Smith previous of such skills so replete
Missed the front end of a one and won
And the Eagles were on the street

Losing by ten on the Schottenstein floor
Winthrop abstained from Holiday lore
Upset of the year was never more
Sixty five – fifty five will go on the books
And Bambi crushed again by OSU’s grappling hook

Kesley was classy beyond all belief
For after the game he proffered relief
For the folks who were suffering Newton grief
All was not lost in the Eagles northern trip
One out of two but a better healing speech

Box Score Courtesy of the Columbus Dispatch Ohio State 65, Winthrop 55

Unless otherwise expressly indicated by BHGP editors, this FanPost is strictly the viewpoint of the author and is not endorsed by BHGP in any way.

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