It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Kirk Ferentz Talks Purdue

Jerry Schultheiss-US PRESSWIRE

Tuesdays mean weekly press conference time for head football coach Kirk Ferentz. Here's a recap of what he had to say.

KIRK FERENTZ HELD HIS WEEKLY PRESS CONFERENCE. Here is the transcript and video. I'll summarize:

  • Micah Hyde is a team captain again
  • Ferentz is hopeful Mark Weisman can get back next week
  • Same for Brad Rogers
  • The OLine is not the same due to injuries
  • Purdue has a lot of size on their DLine
  • Execution /Drink!
  • Nico Law plays with a lot of energy
  • Greg Davis' O doesn't work because the players stink (my words, obviously)
  • Something about the review and clock stopping factored into the decision for the late punt
  • The call to punt was Ferentz's call
  • No plan to get Ruddock snaps
THE PLAYERS DID SOME TALKING TOO. In was election day in America and the Hawkeyes players talked voting and football. Marc Morehouse has video of Keenan Davis, James Ferentz, James Vandenberg, Steve Bigach, Christian Kirksey, Matt Tobin, Micah Hyde and Kevonte Martin-Manley.

ANNND ENOUGH WITH FOOTBALL, LET'S TALK HOOPS. The Big Ten Network's Josh Reed and Mike Somethingorother debated Iowa men's basketball's NCAA tournament hopes. Josh is the "yes man" and argues that landing Fran McCaffery was a coup for Iowa. He adds that McCaffery has an eye for under-the-radar talent and with that Iowa had the nation's 34th-best offense last year. Matt, taking the opposing view, uses fancy math that at a glance I didn't care to understand. He adds that the loss of Matt Gatens will have a significant impact on the offense and Iowa's defense will still be terrible.

MOVING TO BRACKETOLOGY. No Iowa on Joe Lunardi's first edition of 2012-'13 bracketology. Northern Iowa and Iowa State are in the first four listed on the bubble. Iowa and Illinois are included in the next four out. Or in other words, on the bubble of the bubble of the bubble.

HERE IS THE STARTING LINEUP AND GAME NOTES FOR FRIDAY NIGHT'S SEASON OPENING GAME. Mike Gesell, Roy Dev Marble, Aaron White, Zach McCabe and Adam Woodbury are the projected starters. There's still tickets available and at only $5 for kids and students. The men's game will follow the women's season opener (at 5:30 pm CST) versus Northern Illinois. Fans can attend both games for the price of one ticket.

A HAWKEYE LANDS ON A PRESTIGIOUS PRESEASON WATCH LIST. Josh Oglesby is named #20 on the first Kingsbury Factor's Top 20 shooters list. Only 11-20 was released today. One time Hawkeye commit Ben Brust and Northern Iowa Panther Marc Sonnen join Oglesby on the list.

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