What changes would you make?

If I had the power, this is what I would do:

The Reese Morgan, Phil Parker experiment should be ended. The defense actually got worse as the season progressed. Players out of position, poor form, getting stood up, no pressure... was very painful to watch. Move Phil back to line coach, and hire a reputable defensive coordinator. Sorry Reese but somebody has to make room for Brian and you are not getting it done on the defensive side of the ball. Toodaloo Reese.

The offensive line should be fine when healthy next year. I actually noticed alof of improvement out of the new guys since our starters went out. No changes needed.

Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. Time to get back to what made us good under KF. Need to do the foot work and that means traveling to timbucktu if need be. We have incrementally become smaller and slower since we localized our focus on recruiting. Not a good combo. Hire a full time recruiting coordinator, increase the traveling budget, and get to work.

The jury is still out for me on Greg Davis. Seems like things would click for a quarter and then fall appart the rest of the game. Is that Greg Davis or a senior QB that lost his way? I saw JVB make so many bad decisions and poorly thrown balls that I can't just point the finger at GD. However, it will really suck if we keep him around all to find out he is the problem, and I don't think we can afford to take that chance. Need to cut him loose and find a reputable OC that fits our system better. Toodaloo Greg.

Have a come to Jesus talk with Doyle. I mean something is not right with our strength and conditioning. This team looks a step behind, smaller, and more tired than their opponent. It is possible that fear from the Rahbdo incident has caused him to tone it back too much. He needs to get back to whipping these guys into shape. Just break them in a little bit at first from now on...

With the current structure of Kirk's contract there is no way he is going anywhere. And personally I think the guy deservers a chance to right the ship. However, if the team does not show progress throught the season, and we are still bottom dwellers at the end of 2014, sorry KF, but you will have to go.

Hire a new, competent AD immediately. This guy has struck out one too many times, and that ridiculous contract to KF could kill us for years to come if we don't pull out of this tail spin. This would also send a strong message to the coaching staff that they better get it together quick. The fear of being Soliched could be a powerful motivator.

So, if you had the power, what changes (if any) would you make?

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