Senior Bowl Report

The North team beat the South team, 23-13, on Saturday, in Mobile, Alabama. All the Iowa and Iowa State guys were on the North team. The North was coached by the Minnesota Vikings' staff, the South by the Washington Redskins' staff. NFL Network announcers were Paul Burmeister, Charles Davis, and Mike Mayock. Sideline reporters were Heath Evans (former Auburn player and NFL player), and the super-sexy Rebecca Haarlow (rooowwwwww).



Marvin McNutt looked pretty shitty in Saturday's game (with some help from Russell Wilson's inaccuracy). He did not technically start, although I believe he was being thrown to in the first or second offensive series by the North team. He did line up in the slot at times. McNutt had no catches, and only a couple of targets, and the North "only" threw it 30 times compared to the South team throwing it 45 times.

Brian Quick of Appy State and TJ Graham of Stanford started ahead of McNutt. A kid from Arizona State named Gerell Robinson looked like the best WR for the North, and the top two WRs for the South (Juron Criner of Arizona and Joe Adams of Arkansas) both had considerably better stats than anyone on the North.

However, some people said McNutt really looked good in the week of practice, so who knows if NFL guys will give more credence to the practice week or the game.

Mike Daniels compiled no stats, and I don't even think he got into the game. I wonder if he was injured?

Iowa State's Kelechi Osemele was chastised by the announcing crew for holding once. (In fairness, his opponents - The South team - had a defensive line that was being lauded even before the game started). In the second half, he was also praised by Mike Mayock for what I thought was a pretty standard block (and may have also been a hold). ISU's Leonard Johnson missed a tackle on Joe Adams (the game's best WR in terms of stats) in the second half that was criticized by the announcers. Johnson later had a pass breakup that could have been an interception for a long return, and Mayock called him out for it, too. Johnson and Osemele did not start, but Osemele played some in both halves.

In the second half, Mike Mayock did a graphic of the 12 players (6 from each squad) he thought "made more money" from this week. No Iowa or ISU players were on the list.

You can find the stats at this link:

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