Bye Week Questions - Miscellaneous topics

We're in the middle of bye week and I thought we could use a little time to discuss the important topics that are on our minds.

I have several questions that I'm debating and I'd like to get some input from the FOTPants Commentariat.


  1. Is there enough evidence to prove that the offensive paradigm has been shifted or are KF/KOK still doing what they've always done, but designing the plays to be very difficult to read.  I think I'm still seeing a lot of 2TE sets, but that might be my delusion talking to me. 

  2. Does the introduction of the no huddle set make you happy or concerned?  Personally, I think it's great because KF and KOK seem to show that they are willing to do what it takes to get the ball to the playmakers.  Pass to set up the run?  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit concerned about how this will translate to the Big Ten season.

  3. I'm holding off judgment on this year's team, but so far, I see lots of areas for improvement (D-Line, Special Teams, RB, TE, etc), but also, I see a lot of potential (DL, ST, RB, TE, etc).  Should I be surprised at the development and changes made on the defense?  I'm thinking no, but we will find out what kind of team we are in the next few weeks.

  4. After seeing the first 4 games, what's the rest of the season looking to be?  Do we run the Big Ten table and run everybody ragged with our No-Huddle/Pro Set hybrid, or do we win the games we're supposed to and lose the ones we're supposed to.  All I know is I'm going to be living a roller coaster season again.  

  5. Is Gears of War 3 really that good?  I've heard much about the game and need some input on whether it's worth digging my xbox out for.  I played Gears, but that was a LONG time ago, should I play Gears 2 before playing Gears 3? Also - is FIFA 12 worth a look?  I was thinking of grabbing it this week.

  6. I saw an article this morning in today's USA Today, pertaining to usage of the no-huddle offense in the NFL ranks.  Something tells me that it's always been around, but it's just receiving more attention because of the ridiculous passing stats (T. Brady, I'm looking at you) that have come out of this season so far.  Tell me I'm wrong.

  7. God, it's great to be a Hawkeye!
I realize that last one really isn't a question, rather a statement of fact. Meh.
Also, if you have topics of your own, please feel free to use this thread.
Standard rules apply, etc, etc, all the thingz.



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