Will the B1G Be Left Behind?

No, of course not.

They're very forward thinking, and they were the ones who really started this conference alignment in the first place.

The Big XII is dead. That's obvious
If the Big East doesn't die, it won't live with its AQ status still intact.
Syracuse, Pitt to the ACC? Is UConn next? That gives the Atlantic Coast Conference 14, maybe 15 teams.
Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Texas Tech to the Pac-12? It will then be the Pac-16.
With Texas A&M, the SEC will have 13 teams.
The B1G will have 12 teams.

My suggestions:

PAC-16           ACC-16                SEC                  B1G
USC              Duke                 Florida              Iowa
UCLA            North Carolina        Georgia              Indiana
Arizona          Wake Forest           South Carolina       Illinois
Arizona St.     Clemson               Kentucky             Purdue

Cal-Berkely   Georgia Tech          Tennessee            Northwestern
Oregon St      Florida St            Mississippi St.      Ohio St
Oregon           Miami                 Ole' Miss            Penn State
Stanford         Maryland              LSU                  Minnesota

Washington   North Carolina St.    Alabama              Wisconsin
Washington St Virginia Tech         Auburn               Nebraska
Stanford         Virginia              Arkansas             Michigan
Colorado         ?????????          Vanderbilt           Michigan St

Texas            Boston College       Texas A&M            ??Rutgers??
Texas Tech       Syracuse             ?????????            ??Notre Dame??
Oklahoma         Pitt                  ?????????            ??Kansas?? (think basketball)
Oklahoma St    ??UConn??        ?????????           ?????????

The separated divisions are only for easier viewing purposes, although I guess Big XII teams in the Pac-16 will be in one division to assure they play each other every year.

Pac-16 is good. SEC needs 3 teams. Assuming UConn goes there, ACC needs 1 team. B1G needs 4 teams. What do you say?

Other possibilities (in no particular order and with the bare minimum of qualifications):
Boise St.
Texas Christian
Nevada (okay in both football and basketball)
Fresno St

There's really not much left, which is why I think the B1G should really push hard to get UConn. If AAU membership is important, then the following schools are possibilities: Kansas, Missouri, Tulane, Rutgers, Rice??? What does the B1G do? Do they just sit until they're basically made to switch to 16 teams, risking losing even these leftovers. In my opinion, I'd say that Rutgers, Notre Dame, Kansas and Missouri are the best bet. They're all known nationally. The expand the recruiting base (for what little they do), they're okay to very good academically. I think they each bring something unique. Except Missouri. not sure what they bring.

But anyway, just curious to what BHGPers think. Get the four best schools now (which ones?). Stand pat. If they have to take 16 in the future, they'll take what's left.

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