It's Notre Dame's Fault AND Who Can B1G Get Now?

ESPN is creating a lot of news lately about television contracts. In the end, the problems at Texas A&M and the Big 12, in general, are caused by television contracts. Which actually leads us to Notre Dame starting this whole fiasco with NBC twenty years ago. When in doubt, blame the Irish. But last year, Notre Dame had the ability to save, possibly, the Big 12, ACC, Big East, and several smaller conferences. They could have joined the B1G causing the Big East to find another member from one of the smaller conferences or getting a non-football member just like Notre Dame.

As it stands, the Pac 12 and B1G expansions have kicked off a number of dominoes: Utah caused TCU to leave for the Big East; BYU left for parts unknown independence, Boise State and others jump ship from the WAC to the MWC; now, the Big East sits at an ungainly 17 members and is attempting to find a way to get a conference championship game; and the creation of the Longhorn Network after an 11th hour save by Dan Beebe created more inequality in the Big XII. The Longhorn Network has created the most uncertainty because Texas A&M got pissed, then decided to take their ball and go home go to the SEC (this may or may not happen). IF Texas A&M does leave for the SEC (there are a lot of road blocks), what happens? Well, the SEC isn't as dumb as the MAC and will not settle for only 13 teams. This means another team would leave one of the four surrounding power conferences for the SEC. I don't think anybody is planning to the leave the B1G, but the Big XII, ACC, and Big East should be shaking in their collective boots. The SEC would either get one or three more teams from those conferences (possible candidates include any ACC school except BC and Maryland, Louisville, WVU, OU, Okie State, UT, TTU, TCU, Misery), but this would only be the next domino, not the last one.

If the SEC expands to 16: The next likely domino would be a major overhaul of their television contracts. Having sixteen teams would likely put the SEC back at the front of the pack for television revenue. But also, this could trigger the collapse of one or more of the bottom three BCS conferences. Pushing the B1G back to third banana in revenue combined with the splitting open of at least one BCS conference, the B1G would likely start another round of conference expansion along with the Pac 12. I think Larry Scott is a love-child of Delaney a clone of Jim Delaney Jim Delaney's biggest fan.

Now the question, if this all happens, is "Who do we want from an Iowa perspective?" or fuck the rest of the B1G, how can we benefit? I assume most of us don't want Iowa State or the land of Misery in the B1G, not to mention, what do WE gain from them getting more money?. We've got quite a few options:
Notre Dame: They bring a lot of eyeballs
Boston College: They could provide a nice pair for the Golden Dopers and the Boston market.
Syracuse: Upstate New York and a decent pedigree.
Louisville: Good basketball, a new market, not much else.
Pittsburgh: a rival for PSU and a decent athletic department.
Rutgers: ummm, the New York City market? I'll believe it when I see it.
Cincinnati: an in-state rival for tOSU to deal with.
UConn: great bball and maybe some help from tWWL?
West Virginia: Crazy mascots, couch burning, and decent football and basketball.
Maryland: DC market and good basketball.
Duke: Great academics, great basketball, but a little too much nicotine for my tastes.
UNC: Same as above.
Wake Forest: Same as above.
NC State: One of these things is not like the others.
Virginia: Ummm, I got nothing unless this helps land VT.
Virginia Tech: So good that BHGP picked them for their conference.
Texas: The king of college football right now but also a giant bag of dicks an 800 lb gorilla.
Oklahoma: With Okie State, ISU, and OU, the B1G would become the only wrestling conference.
Okie State: T. Boone Pickens for the win.
Kansas and Kansas State: There is nothing to see here other than a basketball team.
Misery: With them and Syracuse in the fold, we could control all of sports journalism.
ISU: Jamie Pollard would then be consoluble. This is not good.

So what do you guys think: what combination of four teams should we pick up. Vote below (unfortunately, we can still only vote for one at a time).

Unless otherwise expressly indicated by BHGP editors, this FanPost is strictly the viewpoint of the author and is not endorsed by BHGP in any way.

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