Playing the Spoiler: TV and Movies (June 9).


It's been about 3 weeks since I wrote one of these.  You guys know the flow.  I tell you what I've seen, you comment or do the same below.  If you post an illegal stream or any porno, you will be arrested.  If you start typing about politics, you will be banned.   Otherwise, prepare for lift-off, because after today, you're going to have to hitch a ride to Mars with the Russians.  And they smell like old sour cream.


First-run TV I've watched lately:  PTI, Jim Rome is Burning, Outside the Lines, Aftermath with William Shatner,  Louie, Wilfred, plenty of the last week or two of the Casey Anthony Trial.

Movies I've recently seen for the first time:  Hangover 2,  I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, Everybody's Fine, Grizzly Man.

Movie or TV Re-runs I've watched lately:  The Wire, Seinfeld, The Daily Show.



So, as others have said, the new series on FX called "Wilfred" is pretty funny.  Which is good, because I've been looking for something funny to watch since I quit watching "John Benjamin Has a Van" (that show was just a little too out there for me.  I had to stop watching after Benjamin had some miniature Italian woman give him a beej.)

On "Wilfred", Elijah Wood plays a guy that has lost his job, is depressed, and is planning on committing suicide.  And then, he is asked to watch the dog of his good-looking lady neighbor.  And he starts having conversations in English with the dog.  Pretty wacko, but kind of funny, too. 

The first couple of episodes of this season of Louie have also been funny.  In one episode, Louie's pregnant sister lets go of what I believe is the longest fart in TV history.  And now, Louie is yearning to buy a new home for him and his daughters to enjoy.  Remember, he's facing the New York City real estate market.  Lots of luck, Louie.

I also watched some episodes of a show that I hadn't seen before:  Aftermath with William Shatner.  Basically, he interviews people who have been through very famous, challenging, or unique experiences.  The episodes I watched were interviews with Bernard Goetz (he shot 4 guys on a NYC subway in the 1980s), the daughter of Randy Weaver (of the Ruby Ridge standoff), and Ed Smart (whose daughter was abducted but later found).  It is all pretty interesting, and at times, Shatner really does seem to relate well to the subjects of the interviews. 



I went to the theater to see Hangover 2.  I didn't enjoy the first Hangover movie as much as many people did.  The second one was OK, but obviously very raunchy.  They let Ed Helms play the bigger role this time around, so there isn't quite as much Galifianakis to laugh at.  I'd say you could wait to see this on video/netflix, but feel free to debate this in the comments below.

I also got a free few weeks of Showtime and The Movie Channel on my DirecTV, but there aren't a ton of great movies on there (I certainly wouldn't pay $15 a month for those channels).  I did watch the Robert DeNiro/Sam Rockwell/Drew Barrymore/Kate Beckinsale movie called "Everybody's Fine."  DeNiro plays an elderly father who goes to visit his adult children.  His wife passed away, and she was the one that the kids would actually communicate with.  It's kind of a sad movie, so if you're a guy who is looking for a tear-jerker to make your lady cuddle up to you, or if you're a lady who is looking for a tear-jerker to make your guy cuddle up to you, perhaps this is a rental possibility.  Personally, I'm attracted to Beckinsale and Barrymore, so that's also a plus.

 Also on one of the Showtime channels, I saw a movie that my friends had told me about some time ago.  I had just never taken the time to rent it.  That movie is "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell."  A couple of my friends also read the Tucker Max book of the same name that this movie is based on,  and they liked the book better.  It is a pretty raunchy film, and rather sexist against women.  But it made me laugh at times, and it also made me discover a new crush: Marika Dominczyk.  She seems to have mostly been in some TV shows, but I'm kind of hoping she catches a few more film roles. 





I also saw an acclaimed documentary film on one of these Showtime channels.  It's called "Grizzly Man."  It tells the story of a guy who spent many summers in Alaska, hanging out with grizzly bears.  His girlfriend and him were eventually eaten by a bear.  I thought it was rather topical, considering a guy just got mauled to death by a bear in Yellowstone Park about a weak ago.  I'm starting to agree with Stephen Colbert:  that bears are godless killing machines.  My sympathies to the family and friends of the victim at Yellowstone.


Funny Commercials: 

Here are a couple commercials I chuckled at.  The first on is from ESPN, and the second one is Flo the Progressive Insurance lady (I normally hate her commercials, but this one made me laugh).  The third one is the ConAgra Foods commercial that I mentioned in the comments earlier this week.


Upcoming Stuff: 

Well, Transformers 3 just came out last weekend, and my cousin already saw it.  Personally, I haven't been super-impressed with the first two, so I may wait until I can rent it.

In a week or two, the "Captain America" (July 22) and the "Cowboys and Aliens" (July 29) movies are coming out.  I'll probably see the Captain America film.  Is it just me, or does Cowboys and Aliens seem a little too much like Wild Wild West? 

"Horrible Bosses" comes out this weekend (July 8).  Also Kevin James's "Zookeeper."  Next weekend must be kids' weekend, because it's the new Haryy Potter, and a Winnie the Pooh movie.

The final season of Rescue Me starts on Wednesday (July 13) at 9 pm CT on FX.  I hope this last season is really good, and not just more of the decline that I've seen from this show the last couple of seasons.



Have a nice rest of July, all!

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