Playing the Spoiler: TV Shows and Movies (May 7th).

As usual: I figured I'd tell you what I watch, throw out a few things that stood out or some interesting things coming up, and then let the free-for-all begin.  Remember, this thread is no-holds-barred, and with this past week's Justified season finale, we have plenty to talk about, so don't complain that you read something you were trying to save for later.  But, do feel free to give your opinions or reviews, because that information might be helpful for somebody deciding which movie to spend $10 on, or which shows to DVR, or which stuff to add to their Netflix queue.  

Let's use Ross' Rules of Order (no porn, no slurs, no illegal streams, and maybe avoid politics and religion.)  The first person to start some sort of geography or history-related argument (/looks at Lycurgus and Rambler) gets a beatin...oh, who am I kidding?  I love history and geography.



What did I watch this week?  

(First run)   PTI, Jim Rome is Burning, Justified, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Sports Show with Norm MacDonald.

(Repeats/Syndicated)      The Wire, Miami Vice, parts of Star Wars Episodes II and III, Mr. Mom, Mystic River, and other stuff.

(Other)     Some NBA playoff basketball, the end of Saturday's Cubs vs Reds game, and various other crap.


What did I like this week?

That was one bitchin' season finale for Justified.  I kept glancing at the time on my DVR because I thought we were close to an ending, and there was still another 10 or 15 minutes of the show left. 

I'm kind of glad to see Mags finally kick the bucket.  I was not expecting to see Doyle go with no real fanfare.  And dumbass Dickie gets to stay alive.  Maybe he'll break out of jail or catch a hung jury at a trial and continue to be a thorn in Raylan's side. 

Of course, I find Winona to be a hot lady, but I'm disappointed in her lack of morality (or at least compassion).  She basically tells Raylan that if he goes to help the young girl Loretta, he won't likely see Winona again.  Well, bitch, that's fine.  Go find your dirt-bag real estate agent and hitman-hiring husband.  Oh wait, he fled town like a coward. 

I guess this is setting up next year to be a lot of Raylan vs Boyd, which might be decent, especially since I missed season one.  Did we even find out much about Ava after she was shot?  Is she going to be OK, or will we start season 3 by finding out that she dies and Boyd blames Raylan for the whole thing?


What Am I Ashamed to Admit I Watched?

Since it is Mother's Day weekend, I'll tell you I watched "Mr. Mom", starring Teri Garr and Micheal Keaton.  Oh yeah, and Martin Mull.  Look, my family loves this movie.  I think I watched it 10 times as a kid, and another 5 or 7 times since then.  And Martin Mull is a funny son-of-a-bitch.  I'm not weird for liking this movie, but anyone who doesn't, is weird, right? 

"How would you like a trim on that mustache, Ron?"



Adventures in DVD Shopping.

So last time, I told you about a trip to BestBuy with my cousin where I discovered AirWolf season 4.

This week, I had to get the same cousin a birthday gift, so I went shopping at Barnes and Noble, and I found a movie he had been looking for for a long time.  It was "Alien Nation" with James Caan.  It was one of those double-feature DVDs that also had a copy of a movie called "Enemy Mine" with Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr.  I've never seen "Enemy Mine", and I have seen most of "Alien Nation."  I'm sure neither movie deserves any awards, so I guess that explains why it was $11.


I also found a couple of copies of "Watchmen" at Walgreen's for $4 apiece.  I'm hoping they aren't super-shitty quality, and I figure I'll give a copy to a friend of mine.


New TV Shows Coming Up.

New episodes of "Louie" featuring Louis CK are coming up June 23rd.  Sure, it's six weeks away, but I'm too lazy to look up anything else, and you know it will be funnier than anything on any standard networks coming up this summer.


TV Show Seasons I Should Probably Rent.

I was reading about Miami Vice (TV show) last weekend, and how one of their producers or writers also worked on Hill Street Blues.  This made me wonder:  does Netflix have TV shows that are that old?  I know Hulu has some old stuff on it.  If anybody out there is a Netflix member with extensive knowledge of their TV show offerings, let me know if they have a lot of 80s TV shows by commenting at the end of this post.

I still need to rent some old Mad Men, Justified, and Eastbound and Down. There may be some It's Always Sunny episodes I've missed, as well.  Maybe I'll get around to renting some Deadwood, or Arrested Development, or the Friday Night Lights, or not.


Movies in the Theaters.

I've been waffling the last couple days about whether to see "Thor."  My cousin wants to go see "Fast and Furious Five", but our schedules this weekend won't quite permit it, so maybe next weekend.


What Am I Watching Right This Very Second?

Mystic River.  At least there is a bit of suspense, and you get to see Sean Penn overact (caution, language NSFW).  But I find myself wondering why Clint Eastwood has to direct such depressing movies.  Yeah, Invictus had a happy ending, but Million Dollar Baby and Gran Torino and Mystic River all make me want to move to a cabin in Wyoming and not interact with humans anymore.


Topical Stuff.

I, like many Americans, watched a ton of coverage this week about the killing of Bin Laden.  I even ended up watching some shows on NatGeo about 9-11.  Without officially broaching the No Politics Rule (haha, that gives you the acronym NPR), may I say that, at first I was hoping the death of UBL would give the USA closure and a bit of confidence that we seem to have lacked for a few years.  But, late this week, as the story got straightened out, it seems like it wasn't quite the simple "good guys won a brutal firefight" scenario (only one guy at Osama's compound fired on the US soldiers, and supposedly nobody in Bin Laden's room was armed).  I can't help but feel a bit weird about this whole thing.  Obviously, it is difficult to have sympathy for a guy like UBL, but I'm also having trouble feeling as great about this whole thing as I did early in the week.  Is this what Arnold felt like at the end of Terminator 2?  A bit sad, but not sure why?



I know people on here used to make fun of the old Esurance TV ads, but I'm really getting tired of the new ones, as well.


Have a great week (or two if I don't write one of these posts right away next week), everyone!

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