BHGP Wrestling Practice: Coaches Notes Day 2

Rambler brought his "unicorn" again today, which ended up causing a few problems in practice (more on that later). I have included a picture of the creature. The team is stuck between two names for our unofficial mascot: "Bray Brinzer" and "Lincoln McIldonkey".




Practice Notes:

     125: CW's eye gouge is really coming along. She will sometimes walk to the corner of the wrestling room during drills muttering the name J Robinson and clenching her fists.

     We worked with her on a spiral ride and a ball-and-chain (if she keeps it up kythom will be a gelding before the season is through).

     133: After a good first practice, kythom spent most of today icing his package and looking up good weight-cutting techniques.

      141: Swarley scheduled his surgery, which is good news.  Rambler would like to bronze the leg and display it on the front of his buggy as a warning to any from Arizona who venture near.

     I like the attacking attitude, but has some learning to do.  When we are done with him people won't even know the name Robles. (Slushy machine is a no go, but indoor wave pool is in if we convince the Sears folks that three of us have severe mental handicaps).

      149: Rambler, Rambler, Rambler. What can I say. He is the most advanced wrestler on the team, but exasperating at times. He told me that for extra practice he has been hanging out in Ponderosa parking lots and challenging patrons to impromptu matches. I told him that he should head up to Gilbertville and talk a lot of trash to anyone he sees with cauliflower ear.

     157: ClaybornSmash looks good. He, RossWB, and Jtothep are having some battles. 49-74 is definitely to heart of the line-up.

     165: RossWB is living up to the Boyde Crowder monicker when, after a heated parking lot argument about the proper pronunciation of LOL, he pulled Rambler part way into his vehicle and drove off. He didn't let go for a about 3 miles.

      174: Wicked ankle picks. The excessive manscaping (and what appears to be pre-workout oiling up) seems to be working as Ross and ClaybornSmash are having a hard time getting a hold of him.

      184: Good news and pretty ugly kind of horrifying news.  Good news first: we added SaturdayMorningKegStanzis to line-up at this weight.  It adds good depth. He should be able to win the wrestle-off handily.

       The bad news: Well, we did buddy carries again today. Apparently no one is interested in working with Lycurgus and so I found him doing the carries using a workout dummy with a picture of Bubba Jenkins taped to the face (he said something about motivation and cement mixing bears). Anyway, when Lycurgus took the dummy back into the room Rambler's "unicorn" saw the picture and went berserk, breaking loose his tether and proceeding to-as more than one observer described it-"hate fuck" the practice dummy. Lycurgus sustained several injuries, though the worst may be the toddler arm-shaped bruises on his face, which will make for an especially awkward and embarrassing team photo. When confronted, Rambler told us that since the Whiskey Rebellion all Pennsylvania equine have been trained to use sex as a weapon.

      197: PackerHawk is looking good, feeling good. We lifted after practice today and the guy did a 3 hour calf workout.

       285: We added Blackheartnopants to the heavies today.  That is good because Chazz just announced that he will refuse to wrestle any females he might encounter. In a related bit of news, I have heard rumors that opposing coaches may just send a full body mirror onto the mat against Chazz to provoke a forfeit.

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