BHGP Wrestling Practice: Coaches Notes Day 1

Initial weight and descent plans:

     1.) We took initial weight and hotness (for PackerHawk) measurement

                 a.) Everyone weighed-in over except for Rambler - he has apparently been taking a lot of ephedrine to keep his weight close to peak (this would also explain manic blog posting).

                 b.) CW assures us she is making 125 and I am going with that because I do not want to argue about weight with a female.

                 c.) RossWB remains concerned that he might not be able to make 165.  Carfino'sWay has assured the coaching staff that she will ride him long and hard (in buddy carries) until he gets down there.

                 d.) Swarley is a concern.  He is still trying to choose which leg to amputate and even then it will be close with making 41.  In the end, I think his inner rage gets him there. 

                 e.) PackerHawk starts at a solid 8.5 hotness, weight-wise he has some cutting to do.  I hope he makes it, PackerHawk at 197 makes us a much better looking and performing team.

                  f.) Lycurgus, what can I say - I wish we got his brother.

       2.) Descent plans

                  a.) We have a couple of guys cutting 90+ pounds.  Not sure if that is safe (we may need to borrow some of Rambler's uppers).

Wrestling ability:

                 125:  Carfino'sWay has sand, but once she has exhausted her throat and groin attacks her offense is limited. We are going to have to teach her some legal moves. Also, we are going to have to have an uncomfortable conversation about cat hair in the room.

                 I wish KU had a team, CW would wreck people.

                133:  Kythom looked good.  Once he recovered from CW's nut shot, he controlled neutral and bottom positions (CW wasn't lying when she called top... DOMINATING). 

                141: Swarley pretty much killed everybody  near 41, largely because he is still about 100 lbs heavier than they are. We are already in talks with Jim Gibbons for a special expose once he loses the leg (and possibly an arm) and Sears said we are definitely getting the rope swing and outdoor soft-serve ice cream machine.

                149: Rambler was unstoppable, when he wasn't arguing about the pronunciation of IM expressions. 

                   I will have to have a talk with the Pennsylvania boys, I caught them in the locker before practice "nair"ing each other.  They claim that their moves are so fast that they need to reduce wind resistance. 

                   Let's hope that Bubba Jenkins doesn't have a slightly less-talented, blog-posting brother out there or Rambler is in trouble. 

                   Final note.  Rambler brought in a glitter-covered donkey with a paper cone taped to its head.  He insists we let it watch him practice.  It chewed the hell out of the mat, we are going to need a small shed.

                 157:  ClaybornSmash. Good ability and knowledge. Rambler did get the best of him once, but that was mostly through dogged insistence. 

                 Seems to get along with the Pennsylvania guys.

                 165:  RossWB.  Spent most of practice writing and arguing with Rambler. 

                  We are calling him the Boyd Crowder of our team, because when he hits the mat he is going to blow some shit up (hopefully not any of his own joints though).

                  174:  Jtothep. Don't know much about him, but Rambler speaks highly of him.  He is from Pennsylvania, so that is enough for an .800 record right off the bat.  (Too bad he isn't from New York).

                   I told him to leave his white Debbie Gibson belt at home. 

                  184: Sigh. What a hole. I say again, why couldn't we get his brother.

                  197: PackerHawk: wrestled briefly, but Chazz insisted on no touching.  It was an awkward practice. 

                   Good thing is that SEG might cheerlead if PackerHawk gets down to 97. 

                   PackerHawk spent about a quarter of practice figuring out which singlet design would best highlight his pecks and skin tone.

                   285: WaterlooChazz is coming in as an earth shaker.

Team Nickname:

                   So far undecided.  Rambler wants Elkhawks, but that seems like something the Dutch would come up with. Still thinking.

                   All in all, good practice.  No injuries, one case of severe ringworm (sorry Rambler, but that is what happens when your bring livestock to a wrestling room). 

Unless otherwise expressly indicated by BHGP editors, this FanPost is strictly the viewpoint of the author and is not endorsed by BHGP in any way.

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