Runner rating: Part II

If you haven't read my first post on the 'runner rating' I came up with, it's a good starting point. But, for those of you who are familiar, I have tweaked it and possibly have perfected it.

Instead of using the NCAA passer rating number-for-number, I tweaked it to satisfy a running back's stats. I found that in the 2010 season, the average running back ran for 1 TD for every 3 TD's an average quarterback threw. Similarly, for every 3 yards a running back runs, a quarterback throws for 4. Also adjusted was the INT-FUMB ratio, which is corrected by solving for every 4 interceptions is 1 fumble. 

So, my new and improved 'RB Rating' for Adam Robinson this year is 130.64 and 127.90 for Coker. These numbers seem much more believable to me considering they are in a good range (near Ben Chappell, Nathan Sheelhaase, Adam Weber and Blaine Gabbert in actual QB ratings) and are pretty evenly matched. What hurt Robinson was injury. What hurt Coker was his low TD #. 

The highest RB rating possible is 1689.50, achieved if every run is 99 yards and a touchdown. In the QB rating system, 1261.60 is the highest. (Ricky Stanzi's 4th quarter against Indiana in 2009 came quite close, achieving a passer rating of 815.60)

I am quite proud of my new formula and have decided to do a few more players to compare (approximate ratings: lazy today)

*Player in () indicates equivalent passer rating in 2010


Shonn Greene (2008): 165.88 (Andy Dalton, Scott Tolzien)

Cameron Newton: 163.89 (Ryan Mallett)

LaMichael James: 160.97 (Bryant Moniz, Dan Persa)

Denard Robinson: 158.87 (Terrelle Pryor, Ricky Stanzi)

Tim Tebow (Career): 151.15 (For perspective: Ricky Stanzi career passer rating: 141.62)


Formula is in the comments. 



More numbers! Because I love them!

Reggie Bush vs. Fresno State, 2005: 251.61 (averaged 12.8 yards a run, 294 yards and 2 TD)

Shonn Greene vs. Wisconsin, 2008: 247.14 (averaged 8.7 yards a run, 217 yards and 4 TD)

Marcus Coker MVP performance, Insight Bowl: 169.68 (you know the stats)

And for kicks and giggles...

Ricky Stanzi's career RB rating: 62.86 (for the record, there are not any qualified QB's in ESPN's statistics that have a QB rating of 93.00 or lower. A quarterback would have to throw 50%, throw only 3 yards a pass, and have no TD's. Example: 7/14, 21 yards, 0 TD. Not a great stat line)

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