Playing the Spoiler: TV Shows and Movies (April 23).


Same deal as last week: I figured I'd tell you what I watch, throw out a few things that stood out or some interesting things coming up, and then let the free-for-all begin.  Remember, this thread is no-holds-barred, so don't start reading it and then complain that you read something you were trying to save for later.  But, do feel free to give your opinions or reviews, because that information might be helpful for somebody deciding which movie to spend $10 on, or which shows to DVR, or which stuff to add to their Netflix queue.  

Let's use Ross's Rules of Order (no porn, no slurs, no illegal streams, and maybe avoid politics and religion.  And the first person who bitches about Ferentz's video-editing abilities has to gas up the Rhoads' family truckster for the next Vacation.  And gas is pretty expensive these days.




What did I watch this week?  

(First run)   PTI, Jim Rome is Burning, Archer, Justified, Workaholics, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Sports Show with Norm MacDonald, The Office.

(Repeats/Syndicated)      Seinfeld, The Wire, Freaks and Geeks, The Wonder Years, Doogie Howser MD.

(Other)     Some NBA playoff basketball, the old movie "The Ten Commandments", a few other things that weren't very memorable.



What did I like this week?

Justified was just alright with me.  The last few minutes were particularly good, with Raylan basically forcing Winona's ex-husband to leave town.  But you have to think that leaving all these loose ends may come back to haunt Raylan, with a vengeance.   I think there is only two weeks left, and then we have to wait for awhile before season 3 starts.

Archer was also just OK this week.  I am still mourning the loss of Katya Kasnova,but at least Archer picked up (another in a long list of) enemies in Barry the bionic bad guy.  I think this was the season finale of Archer, and the next season doesn't start until at least September.  It sounds like there will be 3 new episodes in September, and then the rest will air starting in early 2012.

The Office was a bit funny this week.  It was Steve Carrell's final "Dundies" episode.  I loved his impressions of the other people in the office.  The season finale is May 19th, I believe, and will have several guest stars.


What Am I Ashamed to Admit that I Watched This Week?

I am really becoming concerned with the lack of quality in television news.  If there isn't some massive story that CNN throws itself into covering, then pretty much ever cable news channel is unwatchable.  And the local news coverage effort has really pissed me off lately.  I know they can't make up news stories, but if I see one more story on some dog that has been trained to sniff for bed-bugs, I'm just gonna' snap.  I fear that we will soon become completely dependent on internet blogs and people putting cell phone vids on youtube for all the important news.    


New TV Shows Coming Up.

NHL playoffs continue, mostly on Versus or NBC.  NBA playoffs continue on ABC, the ESPNs, TNT, and maybe even NBA TV.  I was watching some NBA games on Friday night, and saw multiple technical fouls and two ejections (of course, the ejections were instigated by a Dwight Howard elbow, but Howard didn't get thrown out.  The two guys who got ejected will also have to miss the next game of the series.  Thank goodness the NBA refs are all honest.)


TV Show Seasons I Should Probably Rent.

I was hanging around at Best Buy on Thursday evening, and my cousin showed me something very important:  AirWolf season 4 DVDs are now available.  To be fair, I am not advocating the purchase or rental of Airwolf season 4, but I definitely laughed when I saw that Best Buy actually had this schlock.  Season 4 looks to be the year when all the "well-known" people from the series said "I've got better things to do."  You know, because all the other Airwolf seasons were so culturally important.

I still need to rent some old Mad Men, Justified, and Eastbound and Down. There may be some It's Always Sunny episodes I've missed, as well.  Maybe I'll get around to renting some Deadwood, or Arrested Development, or the Friday Night Lights, or not.


Movies in the Theaters.

One of these days I might break down and see "Your Highness."  Or maybe I won't.


Movie That Looks Like it Will released soon.

The Hangover Part II is allegedly going to be released in about a month.  I guess they got in slight trouble for showing the trailer to it (an R-rated film) during the previews for a PG-13 film (The Source Code).  Personally, I didn't think the first Hangover was as funny as many did, but then again, I'm always playing Debby Downer, so...


What Am I Watching Right This Very Second?

I'm watching the old Charlton Heston/Yul Brenner epic, The Ten Commandments.  This usually runs on ABC sometime close to Easter, and for some reason, I usually watch at least part of it.  I'm always surprised at the amount of students at the religious school I teach at, who have never seen this film.  I'd think you'd watch it just to see what passed for special effects back in the day (1:45 mark).

Oh, who am I kidding?  I'm really watching this movie because I like to see Anne Baxter in sheer clothing.  Nefertiti's, indeed. 






I can't quite decide if this new Pepsi Max commercial is a funny homage to Field of Dreams, or if it is an atrocity that should inspire us to start an uprising that will make Syria look like group of pissed off people at a supermarket checkout line.



Have a Happy Easter, and a good week, everybody.

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