BHBIGS Dual - Corn Nation

Due to the Big Ten Network airing Women’s Lacrosse, today’s dual with Corn Nation will not be shown live.  Be sure to catch the replay on June 7th at 3:30 A.M.   Delanybot 9000 has assured us that our next dual will be televised live, as long as there aren’t any breaking news stories in non-revenue sports. 

Here’s the lineup for the first dual of the season.  Coach ‘Stone’ Brands and Coach Hamd lead the team out.  The mat beaters are here and are making as much noise as anyone in the arena.  Due to health code issues, the unicow was not allowed to enter the arena.  Odd, seeing as you would think Nebraskans would want livestock able to enter buildings.  Rules like that must make dating hard for some.

125 – CW vs. brutus 1382

133 – kythom vs. monsatano

141 – Energizer Hawk vs. Brian Speers

149 – Boiler Hawk vs. jd husker

157 – Clayborn Smash vs. Toby H

165 – Ross WB vs. Grixxly

174 – SaturdayMorningKegStanzis vs. Huskerlax

184 – Dip Shit vs. Wolvie

197 – Packer Hawk vs. KY Husker

HWT – Kluginator vs. DH Husker Jedi  Klugs gets the start here, as BHNP and Chazz are both out with flu-like symptoms.  Turns out that they both over-indulged in jelly beans on the bus ride down to Corn Nation.

We get right to the action with the 125 weight class.  Brutus is using his height to keep CW from getting any of her shots in.  As we cross the 2 minute mark in the first period, brutus is still holding CW’s head at arm’s reach.  The ref is allowing this, for some reason.  Must be the home cooking.  As the first period comes to a close, CW tries to spin out of the head hold and ‘accidentally’ kicks brutus in the balls.  We get an injury time out to end the first period 0-0.  During the injury time out,  Stanzi’s Ex Girlfriend whispers something into CW’s ear. 

To start the second period, CW elects to take the top position.  As everyone in BHBIGS’ wrestling room can attest, CW is a beast from the top.  She quickly twists brutus into what can only be described as a human pretzel.  She starts to turn him….the ref is counting….FALL!  BHBIGS leads 6-0.

133 is next, with kythom vs. monsatano.  The Honey Badger is out and he is ferocious.  He gets a quick take down, tries to turn monsatano but monsatano reverses.  Kythom escapes and we’re back to neutral.  Kythom gets another takedown (5-2) and keeps working for a fall.  Monsatano is putting up quite a battle here and escapes (5-3).  Kythom gets another takedown right before the whistle.  7-3 kythom at the end of the first period.  Monsatano elects to take the top to start the second period.  He completes the takedown of kythom, 7-5.  Coach Brands is beside himself, even going so far as to call kythom ‘Metcalf’s Bitch’.  Kythom scrambles to his feet but is not credited with an escape.  The second period comes to a close with the score 7-5.  Kythom looks at Coach Brands, who yells at him to quit being ‘Metcalf’s Bitch and wrestle.’  Kythom elects neutral to start the third.  He quickly gets a takedown, to make it 9-5.  Monsatano is warned for stalling, which only infuriates the Honey Badger more.  He cuts him loose and takes him down again, making the score 11-6.  With 15 seconds left in the match, monsatano gets a takedown to make the score 11-8.  Kythom is visibly pissed about his performance and is seen running stairs afterwards.  BHBIGS leads 9-0.

Next up is 141, where Energizer Hawk is taking on Brian Speers.  At the whistle, both men go for takedowns simultaneously, resulting in a headbutt that requires BS to have a huge mass of gauze covering half of his head.  When action resumes, BS shoots for a takedown and gets it.  EH is cut for an escape and is down 2-1.  EH quickly takes to the offensive and gets a takedown to make it 3-2.  He tries to turn BS through the rest of the first round but does not have time to finish the maneuver and the round ends 3-2.  EH takes top position and rides BS for most of the 2nd period.  The score doesn’t change after the second period, but EH has over 2 minutes of riding time.  BS opts for neutral position to start the third.  He scores a takedown to take the lead, 4-3.  EH escapes, and ties the match.  With 30 seconds to go, EH scores a takedown and BS gets an escape as time expires.   EH, unable to hear the whistle, and continues attacking BS after the whistle.  EH is called for unnecessary roughness and loses a point, making the match a tie.  Coach Brands is livid and races out onto the mat to confront the ref.  At this point the crowd is blood thirsty and wants EH to have to forfeit due to the actions of Coach Brands.  After Coach Hamds comes out and explains to the ref what is going on, he reverses the unnecessary roughness call, giving EH the win, 6-5.  BHBIGS expands their lead to 12-0.

At 149, BoilerHawk takes on jd husker.  BH gets a very quick takedown, cuts jd and takes him down again.  BH again cuts him and lets him up. This goes on three more times.  Instead of getting another takedown, jd runs.  BH is angry and is chasing after him, even dragging him by one leg to the middle of the mat at one point.  The ref again calls unnecessary roughness.   Apparently that intensity training is paying huge dividends, as BH has built an 8-4 lead at the end of the first period.  At the start of the second period, BH executes a beautiful single leg takedown that ends up completely shredding jd’s ACL.  The match is called due to an injury forfeit.  BHBIGS leads 18-0.

This brings us to the 157 match.  This match pits Toby H against Clayborn Smash.  CS is a huge underdog in this match, as TH is the defending champion.  The first minute and a half of the first period go by with these men feeling each other out.  TH makes a few attempts at take downs but is pushed aside by the strength of CS.  TH gets a takedown at the 45 second mark of the first round and rides out the rest of the round.  CS comes out hard in the second period, getting a takedown within 30 seconds to tie the match.  He rides him long enough to eliminate the riding time.  There is a ton of back and forth mat wrestling between these two to finish the round tied at 2.  Round 3 sees more mat wrestling with both men attempting to get to near falls but escaping before any points are scored.  We end round 3 tied at 2.  CS chooses neutral to start overtime and after several seconds of hand fighting, shoots in and gets denied the takedown.  He stays active and finally finishes the takedown with 2 seconds left in overtime to get the win, 4-2.  BHBIGS takes a commanding 21-0 lead.

Ross and Grixxly are up next at 165.  This match is as aggressive as we’ve seen in blog wrestling.  Ross is clearly going for a fall victory here, as he has had Grixxly in every move imaginable but he hasn’t been able to put serious distance between them.  At the end of the first period, Ross leads, 6-3.  The second period starts with Grixxly getting a takedown as Ross was distracted by someone that looked like Rambler in the crowd.  The two combatants traded takedowns to end the second period 8-7 Ross.  The second period was very slow, as both of these men have put everything they had on the line.  Then, in a shocking turn of events, Ross gives up a late takedown and loses, 9-8.  BHBIGS leads, 21-3.

Corn Nation had to forfeit at 174, as Huskerlax was unable to make weight.  BHBIGS leads, 27-3.

Dip Shit vs. Wolvie is up next at 184. Wolvie starts this match by brutalizing DS, getting two quick takedowns.  DS refuses to give up and keeps trying to shoot in for points, to no avail.  Wolvie gets another takedown to make it 6-0.  Wolvie keeps working, trying to turn DS, but DS gets a nice escape to close the gap to 6-1 at the end of 1.  The second period sees Wolvie thinking big points, but getting overconfident (must be a Husker thing) and giving up a reversal, to make it 6-3 before time expires in the second period.  The third period is much of the same, with Wolvie trying to get a major decision.  He gets a couple of quick takedowns, making the score 10-3.  He is on the verge of getting a major at the end of the third period when DS gets two quick takedowns to make the final 11-7.  BHBIGS leads, 27-6.

197 sees Packer Hawk take on KY Husker.  This is KY’s first match in major blog wrestling.  PH takes him down within 30 seconds.  While he’s riding him, you can see him say something through his mouth guard to KY.  Within 20 seconds, PH has him turned…FALL!!  BHBIGS leads 33-6.

HWT is going to see Kluginator take on DH Husker Jedi.  Klug takes control of the match early, getting quick takedowns after escapes, for a 6-2 lead.  Klug  gets a warning for taunting during an injury timeout due to his performing what can only be described as a cheerleader on speed routine.  He refuses to stop and is docked one point.  DH is seen touching his temple, apparently trying to will Klug into losing the match.  Klug appears unimpressed and gets another takedown, to take a 7-2 lead into the second period.  In the second period, Klug continues his dominance, getting two more takedowns, to take a commanding 11-2 lead, with a minute and a half of riding time.  The third period is more of the same,  with Klug getting takedown after takedown.  The final of the match was 17-3.  BHBIGS wins the dual, 37-6. 

Post-match, Coach Brands was interviewed, and here is what was able to be understood:  "We came out, jumped out to a big lead, seemed like some of our guys were distracted by other things, but we have something we can go off of now, competition wise.  We can be more intense, we can score more points, we need more intensity.  It was good to go against someone in a different colored singlet finally.  That bullshit with the ref, well, I'll take care of that at the bike racks, so that'll be a non-story."

Unless otherwise expressly indicated by BHGP editors, this FanPost is strictly the viewpoint of the author and is not endorsed by BHGP in any way.

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