Playing the Spoiler: TV Shows and Movies (April 16).

Same deal as last week: I figured I'd tell you what I watch, throw out a few things that stood out or some interesting things coming up, and then let the free-for-all begin.  Remember, this thread is no-holds-barred, so don't start reading it and then complain that you read something you were trying to save for later.  But, do feel free to give your opinions or reviews, because that information might be helpful for somebody deciding which movie to spend $10 on, or which shows to DVR, or which stuff to add to their Netflix queue.  

Let's use Ross's Rules of Order (no porn, no slurs, no illegal streams, and maybe avoid politics and religion.  And the first person who starts quoting the lyrics from that horrendous song "Friday" is going to be fed to a Rebecca Black).

What did I watch this week?  

(First run)   PTI, Jim Rome is Burning, Archer, Justified, Workaholics, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Sports Show with Norm MacDonald, Real Time with Bill Maher, Long Story Short with Colin Quinn, The Office, The Comedy Awards.

(Repeats/Syndicated)      Seinfeld, The Wire.

(Movies I rented)    The Fighter, Due Date, The Other Guys.


What did I like this week? 

As usual, Justified was pretty good.  Both Ava and Winona looked hot, and if Winona ever needs a ride again, just call me!   I particularly loved the scene where Raylan is acting like a chauffeur, and stops to talk to the guys who are following him.  I think there are only a couple of episodes left this season, and then Rescue Me comes back sometime this summer on FX.

Archer was very good, as usual.  And I'm quite intrigued by the Russian KGB lady, Katya Kasnova?  Is it wrong to have lustful feelings toward a cartoon?   And if you haven't checked out that site with Archer GIFs yet, what are you waiting for?

I watched The Office's first episode with Will Ferrell this week.  It was just OK.  I hope they give me a reason to keep DVR'ing this show, because if the end of this season sucks, I may just drop it for next fall.

Due to a fortunate turn of events, I got a a free trial weekend of HBO and Cinemax thru DirecTV.  It gave me a chance to see "Long Story Short" by Colin Quinn.  I think it was basically a filmed-for-HBO version of his Broadway show, directed by Jerry Seinfeld.  It is basically Quinn talking about various historical periods/empires in a humorous, off-beat way.  Since I am a fan of Quinn and of history, it made me laugh quite a bit.  I'm not sure if it is available on DVD yet, but if you have HBO, I recommend DVR'ing it and giving it a try.

The new show Workaholics was on its second episode, which was not as good as the pilot was last week.  First run episodes are on Comedy Central at 9:30 PM CT.  Re-airs are on at other times during the week (late Sunday night or early Monday morning especially). I'll keep watching, but I hope the trend of each episode getting less awesome does not continue.  I must say, though, it is a rare opportunity to see the real side of somebody who is world famous, like Marc Summers.  I had no idea he covets bear jackets: 




What Am I Ashamed to Admit that I Watched This Week?

I rented a few movies on Friday evening, just in time to get home and find out I had a free HBO/Cinemax weekend on the DirecTV (perfect timing by me, as usual).  So, I've been meaning to watch Due Date and The Fighter, and I rented them both, and thought both were OK-to-pretty-good.  But, for some reason, I also rented The Other Guys (maybe its my Mark Wahlberg fetish, or maybe I was just thinking that it might be good to have an extra laugh-inspiring film to watch). 

Man, that movie sucks.  It's like they just let Will Ferrell and his friends write and make horrific movies these days (oh, wait, that's exactly what's happening).  The fact that this film made $35 million in its first weekend, got 78% from Rotten Tomatoes, and won Best Comedy Film award at the recent Comedy Awards, makes me want to give up my USA citizenship and move to a place where electronic media is not allowed. (Go ahead and make your "Kirk Ferentz's office" jokes now.)  If I have to say one positive thing about it, it is that Winona from Justified (AKA Natalie Zea) makes a brief appearance.


New TV Shows Coming Up.

One show I thought about mentioning last week (and now I'm glad I didn't) was The Paul Reiser Show.  The first episode was aired just before The Office on NBC this past week.  Go ahead, try to find a positive review of it, I dare you.


NHL playoffs just started this past week, mostly on Versus or NBC.  NBA playoffs start on Sunday, on ABC, the ESPNs, TNT, and maybe even NBA TV.


TV Show Seasons I Should Probably Rent.

I still need to rent some old Mad Men, Justified, and Eastbound and Down. There may be some It's Always Sunny episodes I've missed, as well.  I never saw more than one episode of Deadwood, as well.   I'm trying to decide if I want to get into the Arrested Development, or the Friday Night Lights, or not.

While glancing through a list of TV shows from a couple (to a few) years ago, I happened upon one that I'd never heard of.  Hollaback in the comments if you have an opinion on:  Extras (Ricky Gervais, I think it ran on BBC in the UK, and perhaps HBO here in America),

Oh yeah, and H.R. Pufnstuf is out on DVD or available for streaming now.  Somebody call DRUGS, and let him/her know.


Movies in the Theaters.

I think there are even fewer movies this week that I'd want to see.  Redbox, you better be ready for some visits from >THIS GUY<.


Movie That Looks Like it Will Really Suck. 

"Water for Elephants"  I think this is opening next weekend (Easter weekend).  A few months back, my sister (who enjoys Twilight movies) was telling me about this Robert Pattinson/Reese Witherspoon movie about a traveling circus in the Great Depression.  I tried to block it from my memory.  But the impending release made me remember that, "oh, it has that guy who did a great job as the German Colonel in Inglorious Basterds."  And yet, I'll still not see it.


What Am I Watching Right This Very Second?

I'm watching the "Spring Football Report" on Big Ten Network.  It includes a few "highlights" from Iowa's spring practice earlier today.  It will replay fairly often later in the week, including 6 PM CT on Monday, April 18th.



I saw the trailer for the upcoming Captain America movie coming in July.   I was struck at the possible Ricky Stanzi connections.  Marked as "rejected" by Ohio State out of high school, Steve, I mean, Ricky Stanzi goes through 5 years of training to become the perfect weapon to defeat, I mean, too-low NFL draft predictions.


Have a good weekend and week, everybody.

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