BHGP Wrestling: Pre-meet Practice Notes

Before I begin with the notes, there is one piece of business regarding equipment. The final design for the singlets is in (pictured below). The bats are a nod to the batshit intensity in the name. We can go with this design or the "unicorn" design (also pictured).






Practice Notes:

Today's practice was short. Before we got to drilling, Coach Hamd led the team in hill sprints. The old bones still has some vinegar. It was a good warm-up until Hamd got distracted and the team spent about 30 minutes rooting for acorns in the timber.



125: CW was voracious in her wrestle-off with Snacks and the two competitors seem to have carried that intensity over through this week's practice. Coach Stone has been happy with both wrestlers, but he is leaning toward starting CW, as well know how much Nebraskans would like to get their grubby hands on Snacks.

133: The room got a special visitor this week when two-time National Champion and former Hawkeye wrestler, Brent Metcalf, stopped by to go with kythom. Many of the other wrestlers were pretty happy with this turn of events, as The Honey Badger has really hit another level lately and is just killing people. Despite his marked improvement and devastating new pinning combination, he calls "The Honey Glazed Tea Bag", Metcalf had his way through most of practice (some of this abuse is pictured below).




Today, kythom took an easy bike ride, a nice tub soak, and then raided three bee hives. He says the venom gives him a "wrestling hard-on".

141: EnergizerHawk has really taken his wrestling to another level after his victory over The Mexican't. Everyone on the team is very impressed that Energizer has been able to overcome his physical impairment to succeed in this sport (a penis that big can really be an impediment to mat wrestling and makes it very difficult to cut weight). In an effort to garner some of Energizer's praise, Lycurgus tried to destroy his own sense of taste by eating 10 Trinidad Scorpion peppers. No one seemed to care until he lost control of his bowels and passed out. Energizer spent most of today's practice meditating, listening to a soundtrack of Templar Knight chants, and burning talismans of those is about to defeat.

149: It seems that BoilerHawk has joined the team this week and he has a lot of enthusiasm. He will need it because the coaching does not cotton to possible OMHR affiliations. Step it up Boiler, unless you want to see Coach Hamd's "Little Smokies" up close.

157: ClaybornSmash finally confronted Swarley concerning his suspicions over the death of the "unicorn". The two seemed to make up and after shaking hands Swarley offered Clayborn a mint. ClaybornSmash went home shortly thereafter.

165: RossWB missed practice to report on the Iowa Spring Game. He really is an amazing athlete, with almost no practice is manages to compete at a very high level. Coach Hamd discussed running an individual practice for Ross later in the day.

174: SaturdayMorningKegStanzis also missed practice. He had to help his mother-in-law move in her new davenport.

184: Lycurgus was incapacitated most of practice and despite a lot of big talk he let Dip-Shit take his spot in the dual tomorrow. Dip-Shit was obviously upset that he didn't get the chance to wrestle-off, but was particularly looking forward to wrestling a soiled Lycurgus.

197: PackerHawk reigns supreme. He has begun referring to himself as "Madmartigan" and he keeps council with a magical dwarf he calls "Poplar". Kluginator has designs on the dwarf, but has not yet made his move. The delay seems to be in a shipment of leather goods and camera equipment he has coming in from Dresden.

275: Coach Brands still has not made a decision on who will wrestling tomorrow. Chazz and Blackheartnopants each have their respective strengths. Early in practice, Lycurgus, upset over comments about cream eggs and chips, attacked Chazz, but was easily rebuffed by the great man's huge arm. Both wrestlers missed a fair amount of practice this week as they were playing lead parts in a modern adaptation of Midsummer's Night Dream set in Baghdad during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Chazz was Oberon and Blackheartnopants was Puck.


See you guys tomorrow.

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