2011 Midlands Championships, Day Two: Finals Open Thread

Midlands coverage (all times CT):
12/29: 9:30am -- Session I, 7pm -- Session II (Quarterfinals, consolation rounds)
12/30: 12pm -- Session III (Semifinals, consolation rounds), 7:20pm -- Session IV (Finals, consolation rounds)

TV: Northwestern All-Access (Thursday Quarterfinals); BTN (9:30pm CT; tape-delayed coverage of Friday's Finals)

Radio: Takedown Radio (internet radio), Hawkeye All-Access ($$$), AM-800 KXIC (free if you're in Iowa)

Liveblog: The Open Mat / Andy Hamilton at Hawk Central. I'll also be open threading the event on Thursday and Friday.

BRACKET Right here

And, yes, BTN's airing of the Finals will also be opposite the Insight Bowl. It appears that you can also access NW All-Access if you're a subscriber, too.

NOTE: Given everything else we have going on -- the Insight Bowl tomorrow, Purdue b-ball wrap-up, the usual random insanity we're prone to delve into -- the Midlands Open Threads are going to be run as FanPosts so that they don't get lost in the shuffle. I'll bump them occasionally, but you should always be able to find them on the right-hand side of the page in the Fanposts section.

Championship Bracket
125: McD FALL (6:01) Eppert
133: Ramos TECH FALL (22-6) Mendoza
133: Clark DEC (2-0) Demarco
141: Marion FALL (0:43) Phillips
141: M Ballweg FALL (3:24) Sabatello
149: Dorsay DEC (10-4) Grothus
149: Kelly DEC (7-3) DeAngelis
157: Fleming FALL (6:56) N Moore
165: Evans DEC (8-1) Smith
174: Lofthouse FALL (1:53) Kellogg
184: Wagner wins via BYE
184: Morrison DEC (4-3 OT) Fahler
197: Smith DEC (5-3) Lira
197: Gambrall MAJ DEC (10-1) Lukowski
HWT: Rasing DEC (3-2) Vukobratovich
HWT: Telford MAJ DEC (10-1) Tobin

Championship Bracket
125: McD DEC (11-5) Spjut
133: Ramos TECH FALL (21-6) Fillingame (no back points)
133: Clark DEC (7-2) Keller
141: Marion DEC (9-6) Depalma
141: Maple MAJ DEC (18-4) M Ballweg
149: Patacsil DEC (1-0) Kelly
165: Evans MAJ DEC (13-3) Jordan
174: Lofthouse MAJ DEC (17-6) England
184: Wagner MAJ DEC (13-0) McCall
197: Gambrall DEC (6-4) Vetterlein
HWT: Telford DEC (5-2) Scherer
HWT: McMullan DEC (4-3) Rasing

Consolation Bracket
149: Grothus DEC (8-2) Lauderdale
157: N Moore MAJ DEC (11-3) Schlitt
157: N Moore FALL (2:02) Dooley
184: Fahler DEC (4-1) Bebo
197: Fox DEC (11-9) Lira


Championship bracket
125: McD MAJ DEC (13-4) Germaine
133: Ramos DEC (5-3) Clark
141: Marion DEC (6-1) Garner
165: Fittery MAJ DEC (15-7) Evans
174: Lofthouse DEC (4-3) Cannon
184: Hamlin MAJ DEC (16-8) Wagner
197: Kennedy DEC (4-1) Gambrall
HWT: Telford DEC (2-0) McCorkle

Consolation bracket
141: M Ballweg MAJ DEC (10-1) Shober
141: Neibert DEC (6-4) M Ballweg
149: Grothus FALL (2:12) Tao
149: Kelly FALL (4:15) Porras
149: Kelly MAJ DEC (15-7) Grothus
157: N Moore DEC (4-1) Santiago
157: N Moore FALL (5:56) Fuller
184: Fahler DEC (4-1) Seidenberg
184: Fahler MAJ DEC (10-2) Foley
HWT: Rasing DEC (4-1) Herrin
HWT: Rasing DEC (4-1) Beale


Championship bracket (semifinals)
125: #2 McD vs. #3 Jarod Patterson (Okla)
133: #1 Ramos vs. #4 B.J. Futrell (Ill)
141: #1 Marion vs. #12 Krop (Princeton)
174: #2 Lofthouse vs. #3 Jordan Blanton (Ill)
HWT: #3 Telford vs. #10 McMullan (jNW)

Consolation bracket
133: #9 Clark vs. Mason Beckman (Lehigh)
149: Kelly vs. Caleb Irvin (UN-Ill)
157: N Moore vs. #10 John Greishelmer (UN-Edin)
165: #8 Evans vs. Corey Lear (Bucknell)
184: #8 Wagner vs. #6 Tony Dallago (Ill)
184: Fahler vs. #7 John Dickson (VT)
197: #7 Gambrall vs. #11 Dan Rinaldi (Rutgers)
HWT: #7 Rasing vs. #9 Connor Medbery (UN-Wis)


1. Iowa – 79.5
2. Northwestern – 71.0
3. Oklahoma – 69.0
4. Edinboro – 56.0
5. Illinois – 47.5

Unless otherwise expressly indicated by BHGP editors, this FanPost is strictly the viewpoint of the author and is not endorsed by BHGP in any way.

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