INPIYLTI: You Are Looking Liiiiive At Sun Devil Stadium

Okay, so I actually took a picture with my camera last night but the image is shit so I borrow this pic from---> (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

There are quite a few Hawkeye fans here in the desert. I saw one Sooner fan at the Denver airport. He was, if you are curious, wearing his Sooner sweatshirt with a pair of camo pants. Our friends took us to a hipster-ific bar last night so I don't yet have a true feel for our presence here. Based on the flags hanging from hotel balconies and people meandering around the hotel parking lot I'd say we will represent.

We now know the injured. Ray Hamilton, Quinton Alston and Brad Herman will not play tonight. The first two are both freshmen that hardly contribute. Herman, while not producing the numbers some had imagined, is still a solid blocker and a dependable part of Iowa's offense. Herman's playing time slowly diminished towards the end of the season as the light appeared to turn on for C.J. Fiedorowicz. Herman's absence leaves Iowa with Zach Derby and C.J. There's also Woody Orne.

There was talk that Marcus Zusevics could also miss the game. Zusevics had a touch of the stomach flu but Ferentz expects him to play against the Sooners.

Will Jason White be the first running back to get a shot tonight? Those watching practice say it's Canzeri, but it is White that's been talking to the media. White says the reps with the first team were evenly distributed. Ferentz calls Iowa's current running back situation a committee. Jason White, while having one year of eligibility left, did walk with the seniors on "Senior Day" in Iowa City.

One other note from the link above; Mike Daniels is headed to the Senior Bowl. Good for Mike. Despite not being the tallest defensive tackle I believe he gets a shot somewhere in the league.

Marc Morehouse's Big Analysis has the breakdown and prediction. Morehouse says Sooners 34, Iowa 21.

Randy Peterson, of the Des Moines Register, also has a "Who has the edge" breakdown piece. Peterson says it's Oklahoma for all the advantages!

Is the Bowl the equivalent of the Pizza! Pizza! Bowl for the Sooners? Hawk Central's Pat Harty writes it is. Harty concludes his post with "how hard the Sooners try will determine the outcome more than anything else." Really Pat? There's that catch-22 again.

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