Ricky Stanzi - and other questions

Greetings All! First and foremost I am not an Iowa Hawkeyes fan – I am a Kansas City Chiefs Fan. I am posting this thread today to have some questions answered about a few players from the esteemed Hawkeyes (Iowa) University. WE, over at, have been clamoring for Former Iowa Quarterback Ricky Stanzi to get some snaps under center - in an actual game – not a preseason warm up for the past 3 weeks. In light of this week’s past events, the firing of Todd Hali and the favorable action of benching Tyler Palko, we are very close to seeing Stanzi in action. I am truly excited to see how he does and I have read numerous scouting reports of him in comparison to a young Tom Brady.

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I believe I speak for All (or the Majority) of Chiefs fans when we say we are really pleased with Tony Moeaki, He is a stud and a playmaker. And I would be remiss if I didn’t also acknowledge the Iron man and anchor of oue O-line Casey Wiegmann. Weiggs consecutive snap streak is something else even though his time as a Chief and more than likely a Center in the NFL is done after this season.

Thus far on our team we have Casey Wiegmann, Tony Moeaki and now Ricky Stanzi. There is speculation that we might target Riley Reiff in this year’s upcoming draft.

I thought I would take the lead from us at Arrowhead pride and take the time to ask Ya’ll – the resident experts of your esteemed football team some questions. I am also going to post a link so that other APer’s can come and ask you guys questions

I have provided a link to this thread for those at Arrowhead Pride to ask questions to ya’ll about anything in regards to your players past and present. As for myself I have some general questions I have come up with and will start off by listing them out.

Tony Moeaki

What is the history of Tony Moeaki’s stigma of always being hurt?

Did he have a massive injury during his tenure at Iowa or is this just a label he was given by the “experts”?

What was the chemistry like with Tony and Ricky Stanzi on and off the field?

Ricky Stanzi

What Do Ya’ll think Ricky Stanzi’s ceiling will be in the NFL? A franchise QB or solid backup?

What are some of the tendencies Stanzi has both positive and negative?

What is the origin of the Stanzi mania? (I have seen the America love it or leave it videos and the abundant Stanzi pics which BTW is full of Awesome and Win! * Compliments to APer KC Satchmo and his sig )

What is the level of leadership he posses? Would you characterize him as a gamer a true Quarterback that can lead a team in a comeback?

Riley Reiff

Do you think he will declare or stay 1 more year at Iowa?

What type of left tack is Reiff? (Technique wise)

Do you guys feel that Reiff can come in and be an immediate impact player / starter that helps solidify an O-line? (Because that’s 1 Major problem we have on the Chiefs Offensive side of the ball)

Would you draft him for your favorite sports team – Chiefs or another team?

What type of major injuries or inconsistencies has he had at Iowa

Coach Ferentz

What are you guys hearing on the rumor mill about him coming to Kansas City as our new HC?

Do you think that he would be ready for the next step as a NC in the NFL

Where does the Scott Pioli – Ferentz connection stem from?

Are there any other “sleeper” type prospects that are graduating or declaring (rumored) that you guys think we should keep an eye on? Again I would like to thank you for your responses to our questions that we ask ya’ll and thank you for the hospitality! Even though I am no means an expert on the Chiefs if you guys have questions from us I am sure a good amount of APers would be happy to answer.

Ricky Stanzi FTW!!

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