Bowling B1G: Give me your picks

Alright, I think I'm starting to get over how horrible this season has gone and focus on bowl season for the B1G. Honestly, this is when I show my true conference pride. I root for every team in the B1G, because we want to look good. We ALL know last year's January 1st massacre, and this year the bowl slate doesn't look to be a ton easier.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have a few should-win bowl games, with the rest being pretty much toss-ups. For those of you picking bowls this year, I highly recommend ESPN's College Bowl Mania. I find it to be the best site to do the picks, and the confidence factor adds a whole new level of fun. I actually enjoy this more than filling out my basketball brackets in March, and last year I finished in the 99.7th percentile for bowl picks last year (got ranked as high as 417th). If you have never done it... do it.

Now, I'm not going to ask for all of your picks, but I'm interested in seeing all your thoughts on the B1G bowl season and how they will fare. I will list my confidence points from Bowl Mania, although if you don't want to do that, just rank them in order of confidence within the conference. Here is mine:

(Winning team bolded)

27 points: Michigan vs. Virginia Tech (VT shouldn’t be in a BCS bowl)

26 points: Nebraska vs. South Carolina (Nebraska’s defense just isn’t good enough for a high scoring SEC offense)

24 points: Ohio State vs. Florida (Florida is 6-1 in bowls since 2005, even when they shouldn’t win. I don’t care if Urban Meyer is coaching at Ohio State)

21 points: TA&M vs. Northwestern (Cain Kolter has a big day. TA&M caps off an embarrassing year with a loss)

19 points: Western Michigan vs. Purdue (Purdue is better than Western Michigan. But I’m too cautious to put them too high in confidence)

13 points: Wisconsin vs. Oregon (Wisconsin very well could be undefeated if not for a Hail Mary that deflated the team as they stumbled into the Horseshoe the next week. They are a great team that was forgotten after two straight losses)

9 points: Iowa vs. Oklahoma (Oklahoma is too talented to lose, in theory. But then again, their top 3 receivers and running back are out with injury. So, talent-wise, these teams are actually pretty even going into the game. This could be upset alert, knowing Iowa’s bowl track record)

5 points: Illinois vs. UCLA (I don’t ever choose UCLA to win football games because they aren’t too good at it, but I don’t see how Illinois can win a game after losing 6 straight)

4 points: Michigan State vs. Georgia (Michigan State is good. Georgia is good. I flipped a coin)

2 points: Houston vs. Penn State (Penn State is such a solid team that I couldn’t pick against them. Their defense is incredible. I think the offense is actually much better than people give them credit for. But Houston is 12-1, so it’s kind of hard to be confident about that pick)

So, that's a 6-4 record. That would be a VERY successful bowl year for the B1G, but then again, it looks doable. I wanna see your thoughts!

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