Iowa-Michigan 2011 - The Wolverines Got Robbed - Photo of the Non-TD Catch

You've heard it already from Michigan.  The Wolverines were robbed of a deserved victory.

Let me be the first Iowa fan to agree, the Wolverines were robbed.

By themselves.  

The officials did not cause Michigan to go three-and-out in their first series.  Iowa did.

The officials did not cause Iowa to convert on 3rd-and-8 with a 40 yard pass to Keenan Davis, nor did any official run in the touchdown at the end of Iowa's first drive.  That was Marcus Coker.

The officials did not cause Junior Hemingway to drop a wide open pass on 3rd and 5.  Junior Hemingway did.

The officials did not give up a 27-yard rush by Coker on 1st down.  Michigan did.  The officials did not give up an eight yard pass when Iowa went for it on 4th and 7.  Michigan did.  The officials did not catch an open touchdown pass to finish that drive.  Brad Herman did.

The officials did not freak out under pressure and very literally put the ball on the ground within a penis length of Tyler Nielson.  Denard Robinson did.

The officials did not throw an interception when about to score on 2nd at 8 on the Iowa 11 yard line.  Denard Robinson did.

The officials did not put Devin Gardner in to play, nor did they sack him on 3rd and 8, forcing Michigan to punt.  Michigan did that.

The officials did not score a 13 yard rushing touchdown on 3rd and 3.  Iowa did.

The officials did not burn a Michigan timeout when Iowa had 4th and 6 on the Michigan 48 with 5:22 to play.  Michigan did.

The officials did not call pass play on the last play of the game, with 3 yard to pick up and a defense spread out to defend the pass.  Michigan did.

That brings us to Iowa 24, Michigan 16, the final score of the game.  

The Detroit Free Press wrote that Michigan was "outplayed" and "gave itself too much to overcome . . . to warrant a comeback" victory.  As far as the non-catch call, a former NFL referee reviewed the two calls on that last drive over which  Michigan fans are apoplectic , and he concluded that the rules were properly followed.

The NCAA rule book says, "NCAA rulebook: XI. Airborne receiver grasps a forward pass and in the process of going to the ground, first contacts the ground with his left foot inbounds as he falls to the ground out of bounds. Immediately upon hitting the ground out of bounds, the ball comes loose. RULING: Incomplete pass regardless of whether or not the ball hits the ground because the receiver is out of bounds. (page 164).  

Michigan fans claim that ball didn't come loose, but photographic evidence says otherwise:


Folks, if that photograph does not show an officially licensed NCAA game football in direct contact with the ground, with nary a hand beneath it, I'm not sure what more it takes.  This is called "dropping a ball and falling on it," not "catching."

The referees absolutely got this call right, it's note even remotely a close call.  That's not a catch.

The leaves only one culprit for great highway mugging that has victimized the Wolverines: the Wolverines.

So if you're looking for somebody to blame, and you can't stand the thought of acknowledging that lowly Iowa knocked you off an utterly undeserved pedestal, may I respectfully suggest that you instead try looking into a mirror.  You'll get no quarter on this by blaming the officials.

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