Mission: Floyd, Part One

Freedom Squad HQ, November 2010

Silhouetteicon_medium Gentlemen, we have a situation.

Silhouetteicon_medium We've received actionable intelligence indicating Minnesota intends to attack Freedom Squad itself.

Stanziicon_medium Insane.

Iconclayborn_medium I don't believe it.

Stanziicon_medium They do this every year, and it never works.

Silhouetteicon_medium This one might be a little different, though.  Intelligence indicates Minnesota may have overthrown its incompetent bozo of a leader, Commandant Brewster.

Stanziicon_medium Eh, they're still Minnesota.

Iconclayborn_medium Yeah, we're not worried.

Stanziicon_medium We can handle this, no problem.

Silhouetteicon_medium Fortunately, we were planning for this months in advance.  DJK is available...

Photo-not-available-icon_medium 'sup.

Photo-not-available-icon_medium hashtag mpod

Silhouetteicon_medium ...Josh Koeppel will be handling your defensive perimeter, and we've embedded J Leman with the Minnesota Vikings.

Silhouetteicon_medium Good luck and happy hunting, gentlemen.

Stanziicon_mediumIconclayborn_medium To the Freedom Scooters!

Meanwhile, at TCF Bank Stadium

Icongoldy1_medium They've taken the bait.

Icongoldy2_medium Excellent.

Icongoldy1_mediumIcongoldy2_medium Prepare the ambush!

Stanziicon_mediumIconclayborn_mediumCheadle-icon_mediumKoeppel-icon_medium  /go to Minnesota

Iconreman_medium /plays for Minnesota Vikings

Icongoldy1_mediumIcongoldy2_medium Attack their perimeter defenses!

Truck-icon_medium VROOM VROOM

Truck-icon_medium Koeppelscreenshot_medium

Josh Koeppel has been hit by a truck again.

Icongoldy1_mediumIcongoldy2_medium Deploy the shiny objects!
Cheadle-icon_medium Mister Third Down, baby!
Cheadle-icon_medium hashtag MPOD!
Cheadle-icon_medium Praise this dude to the most fly...
Cheadle-icon_medium /sees flyer for Prada sale at Mall of America

Derrell Johnson-Koulianos has gone shopping.

Stanziicon_medium Wait, where did everyone go?

Iconclayborn_medium We've lost our perimeter defense and our only outside threat.

Stanziicon_medium We've still got this.  Get Leman in here.  He'll take care of business.

Iconclayborn_medium bleep bloop bleep

Iconreman_medium /picks up phone

Iconreman_medium /misses tackle

Iconreman_medium /waived by Minnesota Vikings

J Leman has been cut.

Iconclayborn_medium He's not answering.

Stanziicon_medium Looks like it's just the two of us, old friend.

Iconclayborn_medium I don't think that's going to be enough.

Stanziicon_medium /throws ball into sixteenth row

Iconclayborn_medium /takes out iPhone, checks draft status on third down

Icongoldy1_mediumIcongoldy2_medium NOW! SWARM! SWARM!

Stanziicon_mediumIconclayborn_mediumSilhouetteicon_medium Eagleicon_medium NOOOOOOOOOOOO!


...Freedom Squad has been defeated.

To be continued

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