Coach Bus Open Thread

(BUMP.  Speak now or forever hold your peace. -- RB)

Wait, what?  An open thread for a coach bus?  Yes, deal with it.  This will serve as an on-going conversation for the next FIVE DAYS at which point I'm going to have to pull the trigger and make a choice on busing service down to West Lafayette.  

The low-ball offer I've received is for up to 47 people, which shouldn't be an issue because we're almost certain to have less, at the going rate of just under $1000.  That works out to about $40 per person if we only ended up with 25 or so people which should be more than worth it considering the cost of a full tank of gas and the trade off of being able to sleep/drink/play games/circle jerk/whatever there and back.  Obviously, if we can get more people to go on the bus that could end up being a steal for us i.e. if you know folks departing for the game from Chicago and think they'd be interested please get their information to me soon.

Here's where I need participation from you folks.


  1. How much is too much?  Like I've said, I feel fairly confident in my ability to land a coach that will cost at most $40 per person.  If you are willing to spend more/cannot spend that much, let me know.
  2. What time do we want to depart?  Obviously, this one is a bit up in the air as the game time is still TBA.  Right now I'm operating off of the assumption that it will likely be an 11AM CST start.  The approximate travel time from downtown Chicago (specific location still has not been decided upon) to W. Lafayette is a little less than two and a half hours.  If it was imperative that we do some sort of tailgating before the game we would need a pretty early departure time: 7AM would be safe.  Yes, that's early.  If we just wanted to be there in time for the game we could leave at 8 and still feel pretty good about getting there in time for kickoff.  Which brings me to my next subject
  3. Tailgating.  Before or after?  If it's a later kickoff then obviously we'll be looking at a pre-game gate.  However, if it's an early kick I'm kind of in favor of drinking/snacking on the way up and then doing the grilling and whatnot after the game for a few hours.  There is also the option of forgoing the tailgating altogether (which would be sad for at least a few BHGPers I know who will be in attendance but not traveling from Chicago) and getting back to the city early in favor of a Bacchanalian celebration at one of the city's many watering holes.  While I'm not certain I could reserve a room on a Saturday night without prohibitive cost, we could certainly agree on a specific meeting place.


A few bits of housekeeping.  I've received many requests/inquiries regarding the now infamous soccer jerseys.  Patience, I'll have something up in a bit but this thread isn't the place for that.  Secondly and most important: the planning is getting a bit stressful at this point.  With that in mind, PLEASE DO NOT CLOG THIS THREAD WITH COMMENTS ABOUT HOW YOU'D LOVE TO BE THERE BUT CAN'T, FUNNY GIF'S/PICS, STORIES ABOUT YOUR KIDS, MOM JOKES, CIVIL WAR GAMES OR ANY OTHER SUCH NONSENSE.  In the interest of making an informed and timely decision I need to cut through the fat and get information of value.  Thank you for indulging me.

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