Hilarious Insight Bowl summary as posted by some Japanese dude

The best part of this post is definitely the emoticons. Translation by me after the jump.


Micah Hyde TD INT return ignites Iowa by Missouri



それでもレギュラーシーズンけがで6試合しか出場できなかったFreshmanのマーカス・コーカー(Marcus Coker)がキャリー33回、219ヤード、2TDの活躍で勝利に大きく貢献キラキラ


来シーズンはたぶん開幕戦から出場するけん、結果を残せるか少しだけ注目してみようかね 笑

This is a pretty literal translation, mainly because the original was so funny I didn't want to Americanize it too much.


Iowa's ace RB (running back) Adam Robinson couldn't participate because he possessed marijuana. ガーン (sweat drop)

And their ace QB Ricky Stanzi was out of sorts with an unbelievable 2 interceptions (he had 6 in the regular season).あせる (more sweat marks)

Nevertheless, freshman Marcus Coker, who was only able to play 6 games in the regular season due to an injury, had 33 carries for 219 yards and 2 TDs, greatly contributing to the win.キラキラ (sparklies)

The Insight Bowl had its highest attendance ever at 53,453, and quite frankly, I was really surprised at the magnificent performance Coker gave before them.

He'll probably play next season starting with the first game, so we'll see if he can sustain this kind of result. (LOL)



In the end, he didn't even talk about Micah Hyde's interception. Hahaha!!

Original post at:


And since I love Stanzi, here is an even funnier bonus post & translation:



立役者の一人Ricky Stanziは先発QBとして24勝目を記録し、アイオワの先発QB勝利数で歴代2位タイとなりましたキラキラ




Iowa triumphed over the previously undefeated #5 Michigan State !! (exclamation points!!)

The driving force behind the win was QB Ricky Stanzi, who has 24 wins as a starter -- the second most wins for a starting QB in Iowa school history.キラキラ (sparklies)

The current record-holder is Chuck Long-san, who apparently was the Heisman runner-up. ひらめき電球 (light bulb)

It doesn't seem like Stanzi can be as wonderful of a player as Long-san, but it looks like he will be the second best. にひひ (giggling face)

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