Drooling for 2012 (Please don't let the world end if we go to the Rose Bowl)!

So I'm doing the old lookahead with our roster, so let's start the convo (turn on your creepy-vision glasses and follow along):


1)  Will Dan Heiar (W. IA JuCo transfer) have to sit next year?  He's not a D1 transfer, so he can play right away, correct?  It would be nice to have an upperclassman step in and contribute right away on the OL.


2)  With three TEs coming in (Duzey, Krieger-Coble, Hamilton, of which Hamilton is highest rated) and The Polish Hat ahead of them, which Iowa TE is going to be playing OL by the end of his career?


3)  Does 4 star Jordan Walsh contribute to the OL right away?  On a side note, my most recent nocturnal emission involves Coker/Coe, et al, running in 2012 behind a line with Cyrus Kouandjio, Walsh, Jaws from Williamsburg (Blythe) or McMillan OR MacMillan, Jimmy Ferentz and our favorite streaker Reiff (maybe Boffeli, Tobin, Scherff, Van Sloten, Donnal tossed in- - wow, that's a lot of good, big linemen).  We would never have to pass the ball (which would be a shame in Mandenberg's senior season with senior KDavis and juniors Cotton and Martin-Manley, but whatever).  Coach Ferentz would have to bring extra pants to each game and find a protein fighting laundry detergent.  It'd be like the rushing version of the Jim Kelly No Huddle Offense Skit from SNL a couple decades ago (show everyone your "Oh" face, Coach).


4)  In LB talk, what happened to Poggi?  Is he still the real deal and just behind others?  Maybe they didn't want to pull his redshirt?  Anyone heard anything?  Do we want Morris, DiBona, TNielson?  Is there a better guy to put in there if Nielson's neck doesn't heal in time?  Kirksey?  Tillison?  Bruce Davis?


5)  On a similar front, has anyone heard about the progression of the DL behind the starters this year.  We seemingly know to expect good things from Daniels and Binns, but will Lebron be the other end, or does he get beat out by one of the younger guys (I've heard good things about the next batch)?  Gaglione, Hardy, Forgi, Trinca-Pasat, Nardo (I'd love to see an announcer draw up the on-screen, in-game diagram of DiBona standing at attention with a compact ball of Nardo swaying pendulously at the line of scrimmage, waiting to execute the bull rush), Alvis, Ferguson, Carl Davis and Don Johnson all seem like they've got the size to step up, but who has the technique to win the starting role?


6)  Do we put Tanner Miller (who was a last second pick-up) back in Greenwood's safety position?  Do we have anyone else (not Swanson, right?)?  Bernstein?



For your parusal: Iowa Hawkeyes roster

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