Football Superstitions

I don't remember if this has been covered here, but I thought I'd throw it out for discussion.  Football fans seem like a surprisingly superstitious bunch and Iowa fans right now are particularly so.  I think it's the "Crash Davis" approach.  To paraphrase: Iowa fans don't want to mess with the streak.  So if Iowa is winning because you're getting laid or you're not getting laid or because you put on women's underwear then you are.

My superstitions around Iowa football are:

1.) I never wear the opposing team's colors the week of the game. 

2.) I always wear black and gold (but not Iowa apparel) to work on Friday before a game.

3.) I have two young children that are still using sippy cups.  I will not ever combine a red cup with a yellow lid or vice versa.  I also never let them wear yellow and red together. 

4.) If I'm not at Kinnick, I have to watch the game in the lowest level of whatever building I'm in.  AND my wife has to be there.  Last year we were at Kinnick for Arizona, jNWU and Minnesota.  We watched the Northern Iowa, Iowa State, Arkansas State, Wisky, Michigan State, Indiana and tOSU games from my basement.  For the Penn State game we were at my inlaws house.  I watched it from their basement.  For the Michigan game we had a function for my wife's job.  We left early and went to a sports bar where we caught the second half.  There was an upstairs bar, but I had to stay downstairs to watch the game.

5.) I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago but I will never, ever watch Iowa play in Evanston again.  I'm convinced that my presence is the reason that Iowa lost football games in 1995, 1997 and 1999 and two basketball games in the [name redacted] era.  I was tempted to get tickets this year, but the potential of preserving an undefeated season is more important to me than watching Iowa in person.

6.) My roommate from college lives up in Minneapolis.  We have to make sure we talk on the phone before every Iowa game or else we'll lose.  The phone is the critical piece.  We didn't talk on the phone before the jNWU game because we were both going to be at the game in person and we'd see each other at tailgating.

7.) I have a pair of lucky khaki cargo pants that I started wearing halfway through the 2001 season.  I don't wear them in the early fall, but once the weather starts to turn I wear those pants on game days whether I'm going to the game or not.

Anyone else?  What are your football superstitions?

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