Cornshoe Goes to the Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon

[Cornshoe, bringing the finest Big Ten Media Days update on any and every internet. This bump is de rigueur.--AJ]

After years of wanting to attend the Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon in Chicago, I was finally able to make it this year.  This is a fabulous event and to me marks the unofficial start of the college football season.  As has been discussed, this Kickoff Luncheon isn't the place to get in-depth questions answered or deep insights for the season.  It's a chance for the fans to rub elbows with (and get photos with and autographs from) the players and coaches.

Details from the fun in the Windy City after the jump...

A large plaza area was set up outside the ballroom with the boys from the Big Ten Network holding court on their set, interviewing coaches during the day.  But of most importance were the tables set up.   Each school had a table set up and decorated, with players available at each one.  A few coaches wandered the plaza areas, stopping for handshakes, photos and autographs, most notably, Tressel, Brewster and the Zooker. Ohio State had the longest line (most likely due to the fact that Tressel came over and was seated with his players). Indiana had the shortest line. Iowa had the second longest line and I was at the front of it...

I've now had my picture taken with both Stanzi and Leman. Does that get me in some sort of club?

But it wasn't just players and coaches that were in attendance. You haven't seen a bigger collection of mascots outside of a Capital One commerical, as all 11 Big Ten plushies and furries were on hand as well.

Bucky is secretly resentful of Brutus' horizontal stripe pattern.

Following the autograph session, the actual luncheon begain. ESPN's Rece Davis acted as the MC and did a great job, even pulling out his trademark impression of Lou Holtz.  After a short video highlighting every team, each coach came up and made a few short remarks. Ferentz went first and was brief, classy and to the point. Eventually Brewster came up.  Following his performance with the Media on Monday (as noted by Adam), Tim had an encore:

Number of times he referenced TCF Bank Stadium by its full name: 4

Number of times he said "great": 12

His speech was only 4 minutes long.

The luncheon itself was not quite two hours long. And if you missed your favorite player during the autograph session, it paid to stick around after things wrapped up...

The camera was afraid to get any closer to Mr. Clayborn. Just kidding. Karl Klug actually took this picture for me.

Finally with the day wrapped up there was time to get some business taken care of with Bloodpunch...


Well Gary, I'm glad we've got this Division thing sorted out. Now about getting the water tower painted Black and Gold...

Only 30 days and change until the season starts for real.  Now I just have to figure out how to get my picture taken with Ace...


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