The Big Ten As A Fictional League

[Bumped, and make sure to read through to Akron's fictional name.--AJ]

I downloaded a demo of a game from 2005 called "Bowl Bound College Football."  I'm not promoting it, not getting money from it, in fact I haven't even played it.  Why I'm posting is because of the rare opportunity to see farcical leagues and team names.  Before EA Sports was wise enough to come to exclusive agreements with the NCAA and all of the professional sports leagues, video game companies had to invent team names that didn't violate licensing--which led to some ridiculous names for players and teams.   With the licensing, gamers didn't have to spent hours setting up all of the names and teams to match reality.  This is largely why there are almost no other companies that make sports games.

Not the folks behind Bowl Bound College Football -- they cast caution to the wind and put out this football manager-style game sans licensing agreement.  The results remind me of the days playing basketball on the 8-bit Nintendo as the Los Angeles "Waves" against a friend who always picked the Boston "Greens."

Without further ado ladies and gentlemen, I present you the license infringement-bending MIDWEST TEN!


Herky the Harvester.

A true blend of wonderfulness from top to bottom.  Beware the Indiana Heroes!  Fear the Ohio State Dollah Dollah Bills (or perhaps they are forecasting Tressell's Buffalo Bills-like run in the BCS Championship Game?). Your underclassmen are no match for the Penn State Cougars! etc., etc.

The capstone, however, is easily "NW Illinois".  Because just Northwestern wouldn't be descriptive enough.  Add in "Wild Dogs" as a mascot (a nickname shared with NC State) and it sounds like the lame culmination of a mid-'90s sports marketing effort.   Kudos to the folks at this company turning just another direction into a CFL expansion team:  THE NORTHWESTERN ILLINOIS WILD DOGS!

Other great names from around the "NCL"

  • Syracuse Heat (umm... because the sun is orange, y'know)
  • East Carolina Swashbucklers
  • Akron Zaps


  • Utah Runnin' Elk (doesn't even seem like they're trying at this point)
  • and the Arizona State Flaming Beasts.

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