1985 - 2009

This is a look at Big 10 football over the last 25 years. The criteria are simple: conference games and championships. Nothing was weighted, it was really just checking out the numbers and seeing what made the most sense. There was no extra credit for an outright championship vs. a shared one because without a true round robin, luck plays too big a role. For a look at everybody's records against everybody else, click here. Let's get to it.

Team Win % W L T Conf Champs
Michigan 73.5% 147 49 4 11
Ohio State 72.5% 145 51 4 10
Iowa 56.5% 113 83 4 4
Penn State 63.2% 86 50 0 3
Michgan State 52.5% 105 92 3 2
Wisconsin 45.5% 91 106 3 3
Purdue 41.5% 83 114 3 1
Northwestern 36% 72 127 1 3
Illinois 40.5% 81 114 5 2
Minnesota 34% 68 130 2 0
Indiana 31% 62 137 1 0

#1 Michigan
The most victories, winning records against everybody, 11 conference titles. No matter how you look at it the Wolverines come out on top. And that's counting '08 and '09.

#2 Ohio State
So, so close. The Buckeyes trail Michigan by 2 wins, have winning records against everybody but Michigan and 10 conference titles. Tressel may have brought home victories in the last 6 editions of The Game, but the legacy of John Cooper lives on.

#3 Iowa
#4 Penn State
JoePa may sport a higher winning percentage, but he's only 5 - 8 against the Hawkeyes, and probably none too happy about it. Combine that record with 1 less championship and Penn State drops to fourth place. Lions fans will point out that Penn State wasn't in the Big 10 for the entire 25 years and that brings up the final point; Iowa was. Seniority has it's privileges.

#5 Michigan State
#6 Wisconsin
Wisconsin has an extra championship, MSU has more victories. They also have a winning record against Wisonsin. Sparty has a 2 out of 3 edge, Bucky has incentive to try harder.

#7 Purdue
My Dad once told me Purdue was always a pretty good team. I don't take football advice from him anymore.

#8 Northwestern
#9 Illinois
Illinois has 9 more wins, but Northwestern has an extra championship and a winning record against the Illini. If that isn't enough, they also had the foresite to not hire Ron Zook, they didn't even interview him. That has to count for something.

#10 Minnesota
#11 Indiana
It's hard to go wrong here, and would anybody care anyway? Minnesota has won 6 more games, while Indiana has a small edge in their fight against the Gophers. Neither team has any championships but Indiana is on the wrong side of the only shut out, 0-13 against Penn State. The Hoosiers are really nobody's daddy sitting in last place.

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