Scott Drew anyone?

I know that he violates SMA's "No Hoosier" rule, but I can't believe he hasn't been shortlisted yet.  I've been ruminating on him all morning, well afternoon because I'm a slacker who sleeps in.  I'm also too lazy to do a full "Short List" post, so I'll just lay out a few quick pros and cons.


Can anybody think of a coach in recent memory who has rebuilt a program in greater shambles than Baylor in the fall of 2003?  I though so.  Now Baylor is on a 3 year streak of tournament play (albeit one in the NIT).  Upon closer examination, his rebuilding efforts have been rapid, all things considered.  2007-2008 was his first year as coach without recruiting limitations and the Bears tied for fourth in the BigXII and made it to the first round of the NCAA tournament going 21-11.  Obviously, the groundwork had been laid with limited recruiting ability the previous years, but he could probably turn a program around quickly if he has a full recruiting budget at his disposal.

He can recruit.  See above.

Baylor is stout defensively and can score.  This year they were ninth nationally in field goal percentage defense, and ninth nationally in offensive field goal percentage.  They averaged 77.6 points per game, good for 4th in the BigXII after Texas, K-State, and KU.  I admittedly haven't seen them play so I can't speak to style of play, but I think most of us would take those statistics out of our team.

Did I mention he rebuilt a program that almost received the NCAA Death Penatly?

He doesn't make much money, garnering  base salary of $413,612 this year.  No doubt he's in for a pay raise and contract extension this year, but Barta could probably still put together a very attractive offer if so inclined.


He is a Butler grad and has strong Hoosier State ties since, you know, he's from there and his dad still coaches Valpo.  This is probably a case of guilt by association as his current position in a BCS Conference makes him unlikely to bolt for Valpo or Butler at any time.  Without direct ties to ND, Purdue, or IU, I think it's safe to assume that he's not going to be hired away from Iowa by any of them just because they're in Indiana.

Relatively unproven over time.  After a very successful season in 2007-2008, his team underachieved drastically in 2008-2009 going 5-11 in BigXII play and finishing 9th in the BigXII.  They still managed to make the NIT and finish as runner-up in the runner-up tourney.  Is this year the sign of things to come or a flash in the pan?

Is he even interested in coming to Iowa?  Maybe the prospect of rebuilding another program is a turnoff for him, and that's understandable given his experience in Waco.  But I think that Iowa is in better shape now than Baylor in 2003.  Well, dammit, we're in much better shape now.  At least Fuller didn't murder Gatens then steal his car and drive it back to AZ.  I don't think that there is any chance that Lickliter was as much of a cheat as Bliss was, so the NCAA won't be threatening Iowa with sanctions.


Alright, have at it.  Tell me what I missed and what you think.

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