For those of you just tuning in, Part 1 and Part 2.
Nighttime in Pyongyang...

Iconsoldier_medium   /patrols outside prison
Iconsoldier_medium  Hrr hrr hrrrrrr, hrr hrr hrrrrrr, hrr hrrr pee pee in your Coke...
Iconsoldier_medium  ROR
Iconsoldier_medium  It sure is dark out hewe
Iconsoldier_medium  I could sure use a frashright
Iconsoldier_medium  /walks past large shrubbery
The_leader_of_the_knights_who_say_ni_medium  A SHRUBBERY!
Iconsoldier_medium  What was that?  Who is over there?
Iconsoldier_medium  /runs in direction of knight who says nee
Stanziicon_medium Iconclayborn_medium Iconace_medium   /emerge from shrubbery
Stanziicon_medium  OK, now is our chance.  Let's split up.  You two survey the first floor.  I'll head for the basement.
Iconclayborn_medium  You got it, boss.
Iconace_medium  ARF
Iconace_medium  /throws smoke bomb for no apparent reason
Stanziicon_medium Iconclayborn_medium Iconace_medium  /enter prison

Meanwhile, in the basement...

Pakistanziicon_medium  If my calculations are correct, Stanzi just reached the prison.
Pakistanziicon_medium  Soon, he will fall into my trap, and I WILL BE STARTING QUARTERBACK!
Pakistanziicon_medium  /points handgun at Girls Generation
Pakistanziicon_medium  THEN YOU WILL ALL BE MINE!
Gg1icon_medium Gg2icon_medium Gg3icon_medium Gg4icon_medium Gg5icon_medium Gg6icon_medium  No! Save us, Ricky!

Blackicon_medium  "No! Save us, Ricky!"
Stanziicon_medium  I would know those voices anywhere.  That's Girls Generation, and it came from the basement.
Stanziicon_medium  /enters basement, sees Girls Generation in holding cell
Stanziicon_medium  Don't worry, Girls Generation.  I'll save you.
Pakistanziicon_medium  /emerges from shadows with handgun
Pakistanziicon_medium  Like hell you will, Stanzi.
Stanziicon_medium  What the...?
Pakistanziicon_medium  Your tyranny and oppression has gone on long enough, Stanzi.
Pakistanziicon_medium  It's time someone else led this team.  It's time for someone else to lead this country!  It's time for PAKISTANZI!
Stanziicon_medium  You'll never get away with it.
Pakistanziicon_medium  Oh really, Stanzi?  What are you going to do?  I have the gun!  I HAVE ALL THE POWER HERE!  Now shut your piehole and get in that holding cell.
Stanziicon_medium  Just one thing, PAKISTANZI, whoever you are.
Pakistanziicon_medium  What's that, pretty boy?
Stanziicon_medium  Your shoe is untied.
Pakistanziicon_medium  /looks down
Stanziicon_medium  /roundhouse kicks gun out of PAKISTANZI's hand
Stanziicon_medium Pakistanziicon_medium   /struggle on floor of prison, gun accidentally goes off
Iconclayborn_medium Iconace_medium  /hear gunshot, run to basement, find Stanzi and PAKISTANZI on floor
Iconclayborn_medium  Woah, this is fucked up.
Iconclayborn_medium  Which one of you is Ricky?
Stanziicon_medium Pakistanziicon_medium  I AM THE REAL RICKY STANZI
Stanziicon_medium Pakistanziicon_medium  HE'S THE IMPOSTER
Stanziicon_medium Pakistanziicon_medium  STOP PARROTING ME
Iconclayborn_medium  I don't know who to believe
Iconace_medium  ARF ARF
Iconace_medium  /pulls pin on grenade
Iconclayborn_medium  Wait, Ace, I have a better idea.
Iconace_medium  /throws grenade out inexplicably open window
Iconcannon_medium   BOOM
Iconsoldier_medium  /hears grenade explode
Iconsoldier_medium  What the herr?
Iconsoldier_medium  /runs to basement
Iconclayborn_medium  /hands Stanzi and PAKISTANZI each a football
Iconsoldier_medium  /enters basement
Iconsoldier_medium  What's going on in my basement?
Iconclayborn_medium  Both of you, throw me the ball
Stanziicon_medium Pakistanziicon_medium  WHAT?
Iconclayborn_medium  I SAID THROW ME THE DAMN BALL.
Pakistanziicon_medium  /throws perfect spiral to Clayborn
Stanziicon_medium  /throws perfect spiral to Korean prison guard
Iconace_medium  /cocks assault rifle, aims at PAKISTANZI
Pakistanziicon_medium  /puts hands up
Stanziicon_medium  Now it's time to find out who you are...
Stanziicon_medium  /removes mask
Stanziicon_medium Iconclayborn_medium Iconace_medium PAKI O'MEARA!
Pakiicon_medium  And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you snoopy kids!
Iconace_medium  GOOD ONE SHAGGY
Iconsoldier_medium  Just a second, Amewicans!  You fowgot about someone!  Say herro to my rittle fwiend!
Iconak47_medium  BRAKAKAKAKAKAK

To be CONCLUDED Tuesday...


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