Iowa vs Ohio State: Toughest Conference Match of the Season?? No Iowa wins BIG again.

The #1 ranked Iowa Hawkeyes take on the #4 tOSU Aesculus Glabra Fruits (aka. Buckeyes) in what shapes up to be their biggest conference challenge of the year. That said, Iowa vs the Big Ten this year is kind of like a bonability contest between Blair and the other Facts of Life girls. Granted Ohio State is probably the Tootie of the Big Ten which makes them cute but they will inevitably be left with Jo and Mrs. Garrett on Friday night as Blair heads off to the Spring Formal with Bradford Tittietweek XI where she will fuck every other guy at the dance before returning home with her 23rd pearl necklace and a few hickies to show the girls.

Back to the match tonight; while Iowa will win this one convincingly, there will be some drama in the majority of individual bouts. Like the Iowa basketball team, OSU will fight hard and keep it close in many of the bouts only to lose another close one at the end. The Team score will be something different. So like the Iowa vs Northwestern dual was not as close as the 49-0 score indicated, I predict that the Iowa vs OSU final score of 36 – 0 will be much closer than the score will lead you to believe. Among the many interesting match-ups, the following ones are especially juicy.

125 - #3Matt McDonough (I) vs Nikko Triggas (OSU): While on paper, the unranked Triggas  appears to be no match for third ranked and undefeated Matt McDonough he does not come to Carver tonight with zero cred. Triggas is an upperclassman and 2X NCAA qualifier and he leads the Buckeyes in falls this season with 12 (4 in the last two weeks alone) so Nikko comes in on a hot streak. Unfortunately for him, his aggressiveness will be his own undoing as McDonough will have a counter for all his shots and in the end I expect to see Triggas taken from his feet to his back as a last ditch desperation throw attempt is welcomed with a trademarked “McD Thunderdump” for the fall.

141 #4 Montell Marion(I) vs  #2 Reece Humphrey(OSU):  This will be the first time Marion and Humphrey have met on the mat, assuming that Humphrey shows up. It is rumored that Reece is nursing an injury and may pass rather than risk further injury or a loss to Marion.  If they wrestle, my head says to go with Humphrey by major decision or pin based on his technical superiority and strength advantages but my heart just loved Marion’s athleticism and I can’t help imagining  a Marion vs Humphrey match similar to the Caldwell –Metcalf match at last year’s nationals where athleticism and quickness overcame strength and wrestling skills.  

149 #1 Brent Metcalf (I) vs #2 Lance Palmer (OSU): On paper this is the match of the night but I fear that Palmer will do everything he can to put Carver arena to sleep. Lance Palmer is like Bizzaro Metcalf and makes Ryan Morningstar look like an offensive juggernaut.  While Metcalf only moves forward with power and relentless offense, Bizzaro Metcalf only moves backwards with a slogging stalling defense. Look for Metcalf to get very testy as Palmer will doggedly refuse to wrestle him. Also look for a Metcalf win by decision which the OSU fans will paint as a victory for their guy.

165 #4 Ryan Morningstar (I) vs #6 Colt Sponseller (OSU): It may be because I just hate athletes named “Colt” or it may be because M* has pretty much owned Sponseller during his career, but I look for this to be a coming out party for Ryan and predict that he beats Colt like a schoolboys pecker while reading the Serengeti edition of Nation Geographic. Morningstar wins by score 6 – 3 over Sponseller.

174 #2 Jay Borschel vs #11 Dave Rella: Actually this wont be very intriguing as Jaybo will systematically dismantle Rella and total bitchmake him on National television, but I like Borschell so much that I couldn’t not include him in this discussion. Jaybo by MD.

184: #11 Phil Keddy (I) vs #7 Mike Pucillo (OSU): If Phil Keddy is going to finish his college career as an All American then the journey begins tonight with a win over Pucillo. Pucillo holds a 3-1 lead in head to head competition but the lone Keddy win came during their last meeting in the 2009 Big Ten Tourney. This is Keddy’s match to win or lose and I think he knows that he needs to step up big in front of the home fans. A win will likely guarantee Phil a #2 seed in the Big Ten tourney and a fairly clear path to the finals. Tonight is all about seeding for Phil who currently sits on the bubble. I have to go with my homie and take Keddy by close decision.

My picks for the dual tonight are as follows:

125 - Matt McDonough (I) WBF Nikko Triggas (OSU)   6 – 0 Iowa
133 - Daniel Dennis (I) WBMD Ian Paddock (OSU)   10 – 0 Iowa
141 - Montell Marion (I) WBMD Pat Harrington (OSU)  14 – 0 Iowa (assumes Humphrey bails)
149 - Brent Metcalf (I) WBD Lance Palmer (OSU)  17 – 0 Iowa
157 - Aaron Janssen (I) or Jake Kerr (I) WBD Sean Nemec (OSU)  20 – 0 Iowa
165 - Ryan Morningstar (I) WBD Colt Sponseller (OSU)  23 – 0 Iowa
174 - Jay Borschel (I) WBMD Dave Rella (OSU)  27 – 0 Iowa
184 - Phillip Keddy (I) WBD Mike Pucillo (OSU)  30 – 0 Iowa
197 - Luke Lofthouse (I) WBD  C.J. Magrum (OSU)  33 – 0 Iowa
Hwt. - Dan Erekson (I) WBD Corey Morrison (OSU) 36 – 0 Iowa

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