Frienemies to the end...

Ncfappelini65_medium  "So this is the Big10 huh?"

Kirkferentz_medium  "Yup, great place. A lot of history. A lot of excellent teams, except Minnesota."

Ncfappelini65_medium  "Didn't they beat you this year?"

Kirkferentz_medium "..." 

Kirkferentz_medium "We curb-stomped ISU, and you?"

Ncfappelini65_medium "..."

Ncfappelini65_medium "...sorry... So. What do you guys do around here for fun?"

Kirkferentz_medium "Fun? Wanna have some fun?"

Somewhere on the Mizzou campus: "Gary Pinkel's Office"

Danbeebe_medium "Yes. This is Commissioner Dan Beebe, I'd like to talk to Coach Pinkel."

Somewhere on the Mizzou campus: "Coach Pinkel, Commissioner Beebe is on the line for you."

Garypinkelmizzouvsnevad_medium  "Commissioner Beebe, this is Coach Pinkel, nice to hear from you" 

Danbeebe_medium "Yes. Yes. I just wanted to congradulate you on being selected above Nebraska for the Insight Bowl"

Garypinkelmizzouvsnevad_medium "Yes! Thank you! It feels pretty good to stick it to the Corntraitors one more time."

Danbeebe_medium "Yes... Don't know why they couldn't just keep taking orders from Texas like the rest of us..."

Garypinkelmizzouvsnevad_medium "..."

Danbeebe_medium "Well... Anyway. That brings me to why I called."

Danbeebe_medium "With Nebraska set to leave the conference we're going to need to fill the ranks."

Danbeebe_medium "So, unofficially, right now. I'd like to make a tenative offer for Mizzou to join the Big 12; pending approval of Texas of course."

Garypinkelmizzouvsnevad_medium "..."

Danbeebe_medium "Hello? You still there?"

Garypinkelmizzouvsnevad_medium "Ah... Commissioner, we are already in the conference."

Danbeebe_medium "A conference? Yes I know. I'm asking if you'd be interested in leaving your current conference and join the Big 12."

Garypinkelmizzouvsnevad_medium "Ah... Commissioner, we are already in the Big 12 conference."

Danbeebe_medium "What? Are you sure? You know the Big 12, with big time athletics and some academicish stuff?"

Garypinkelmizzouvsnevad_medium "YES! Sir we've been in the conference a long time! There must be some kind of confusion."

Danbeebe_medium "Yes there is some confusion! Does Texas know about this?"

Garypinkelmizzouvsnevad_medium "YES!"

Danbeebe_medium "And they approved?"

Garypinkelmizzouvsnevad_medium "YES!"

Danbeebe_medium "I see. Well... awkward... I really wish those Longhorns would quit going rogue and let us know what they are doing?"

Garypinkelmizzouvsnevad_medium "..."

Danbeebe_medium "Well... Fine then... Uh, and good luck... Oh one other thing"

Garypinkelmizzouvsnevad_medium "Yes?"

Kirkferentz_medium "Eat a bag of Hawk dick you whiney little, <sissy voice> 'We don't want to play Iowa because they are good' <sniff, sniff, cry, cry> girl"

Ncfappelini65_medium "HA HA! Hey Pinky, Bo here. Guess what? Since we can't cornhole you next year I'm gonna give Kirk here our gameplan and films!!! ha, ha, ha."




Garypinkelmizzouvsnevad_medium "... SHIT!!!"


Back in Iowa City in an office nearby:

 Tomosborne_medium "Hayden. We really shouldn't let them do that. It's juvenile."

 Haydenfry_medium "Come on Tom. You remember what we used to do to Bo?"

Tomosborne_medium "<snickers>... yeah... that was always fun. I miss Bo."

Haydenfry_medium "Me too..."

Tomosborne_medium "..."

Haydenfry_medium "..."

Tomosborne_mediumHaydenfry_medium "Wanna call Joe?!"


Somewhere on the PSU campus: "JoPa's Office"


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