P90X -- How hard can it be?

So, I have come to the conclusion that I need to do something about my fitness. And by fitness I mean my fat ass. There, I said it. Not an easy thing for me to say since I am a person who places a very small amount of my self-esteem on the body beautiful criterion. I’m well past the days of physical vanity. Been married more than a few years and now get my great joy out of living it up with my family and friends. I fancy myself as a connoisseur of wine and cheese, devotee of various styles of cooking, and an addict to the New York City restaurant culture. As I have gotten older I have found less time for fitness and more time for booze, food and parties. I don’t plan on giving up my love of the good life, but I do feel some balance might be in order. So, I am considering doing P90X.

A quick sketch of what we are dealing with here. I am a tolerable 5’ 10", 220 pounds. True, that is by almost any medical standard overweight and perhaps obese even, at least technically. People do tell me that I "carry it well" or "I can’t believe you weigh that much," and so forth, but let’s be real here. On a good day I am heavy and on every other day I’m a slob. I am not a couch potato though. In the summer and even into the fall I play golf three times a week, and I walk what is considered one of the hilliest courses in my area. It’s not running a 10K but I carry my 40 pounds of clubs and do it with almost no difficulty, even in the scorching heat of mid-July. I walk endlessly in New York, as that is just how it is, and as winter sets in I play pick-up basketball games at least once a week and stay moderately active. But, the honest truth is I used to be much more physically active. I used to run road races regularly, play racquetball twice a week and play in several basketball leagues at the same time. But along came my daughter and an increasingly demanding career. My interest in wine and food only grew while my commitment to focused fitness slowly waned.

So here I am. I have been 210 - 220 pounds for about five years now. So this is not a recently development. My body has forgotten the 175 guy that existed once upon a time. I would like to get back down to about 180 pounds and regain my long lost endurance and strength. I do not know a single person who has ever done P90X. Not one. But, my wife told me the other day a colleague of hers who she believes shares my current body type recently completed P90X and completely overhauled his body. She said he looks at least 10 years younger, healthy and like a totally different dude--and the kicker is, he is a total non-athlete. He never played sports, never has ever joined a gym and is essentially new to anything like this. That caught my attention. I should point out that my wife would like me to get fit, but there is zero pressure coming from her. This whole interest in regaining my previous fitness level is totally self-generated.

So, here are my questions:

  1. Has anyone ever done P90X? If so, can you share your results/experience here?
  2. Does anyone know someone who has done this?
  3. If I do this, is anyone interested in me updating my progress on this blog (in fan posts, and only occasionally and just for fun)?
  4. Would anyone join me in this, if I do this? If I do it, I will begin the first week in January.

Look forward to your responses and feel free to respond to any or all of these questions.



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