Buckeye fans think Stanzi Sucks.... idiots

Buckeye fans are so retarded. No Big Ten fan talks out their asses more than buckeye fans. They make up stats and fail to recognize their own failures. 


QB Rating   
Pryor - 165.23 
Stanzi - 175.13

Pryor - 1,997
Stanzi - 2,212

Pryor - 20
Stanzi -  20

Pryor - 7
Stanzi -  3

Pryor - 16
Stanzi -  14

Oh and Ricky is a heisman candidate who is from Ohio (I would assume they would support their own but i guess thats were class and buckeyes are different). Yes we lost to Arizona and Ricky should have never been sacked 3 or 4 times in a row. It was ridiculous, but we lost that game with special teams. Just like we lost the Wisconsin game because of special teams. We are virtually the same team as Wisconsin so I really hope they figured out why they got ROLLED by them because we are gonna do the same game plan with a healthy A-Rob. Establish the run early... like always.

But if they wanna talk.... let's talk. 

They beat... 
Marshall, Ohio, Eastern Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, and Minnesota.... Honestly are any of those games, games they should lose? NO! 

#12 Miami (now 6-3 and not ranked)  who we now see aren't that impressive of a team this year and a loss to Wisconsin (now 8-1 and ranked #7). A loss in which they really got rolled in all aspects of the game. They were on the road and Madison is a tough place to play but overall not a hard schedule. Which according to SOS gives them the 68th hardest schedule in college football... they really only had to get up for 2 games this year... Miami and Wisconsin.... 

We beat...
Eastern Illinois, Iowa State, Ball State and Indiana. All games we should no doubt win. Indiana was sloppy but as a Hawkeye fan I know we are gonna have 1 game a year where we come out flat... normally against Northwestern.. hopefully this year it was Indiana and we got past it. 

Games that were close that probably could have gone either way that we won were Penn State, Michigan, and Michigan State... We handled all of them with ease and would have beat Michigan by more if it wasn't for a garbage TD. 

our losses.... Arizona... History says we don't play well heading west.. is that an excuse? maybe but its true. I expected the loss. Wisconsin.... a team we should have beat but instead shot ourselves in the foot and gave it away. Frustrating but a loss is a loss. 

According to SOS we have the #17th toughest schedule. I know they love their cake walk but I think they are in for a fight at Kinnick and I hope we punch them in the mouth. We should have beat them last year with our backup QB. They may have the richer history and all that BS but none of that matters November 20th... 

I know we need to focus on Northwestern... a team that LOVES to punch us in the mouth but I saw this on a forum and had to bring it up.... probably another rule I am breaking.

I would like to end this by saying I'm sorry for the following...

  1. Trolling for an illegal live stream of Saturdays game. (stupidity)
  2. Spelling errors and minor factual mistakes. (see # 6)
  3. Bringing up rumors about Wegher in a previous post. (a mistake)
  4. Posting what I thought was an illegal live stream. (see #1)
  5. Bringing up trash talk from other forums here. (frustration of OSU ignorance)
  6. Not reading the In-Game Thread Rules. (lack of hustle and preparation)  

I pledge to be a model citizen of SB*Nation from here out on out.  

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