What these Seniors have been through


    Senior day is always a special moment in Kinnick Stadium. It always seems to be a bit louder, and the players and fans show a bit more emotion. Senior day is this Saturday in Kinnick, as the Hawkeyes host the 9th ranked Ohio State Buckeyes. The game has been circled on the calendars of Hawkeye fans since the Orange Bowl victory from last year. The game had the expectations to be played for the Big Ten title, just like last year. With the Hawkeye loss to Northwestern last weekend  that virtually eliminated Iowa from the Big Ten Title race.  Although that did bum a lot of Hawk fans out, including myself, the Hawkeyes still have a lot to play for. Iowa has a chance to beat Iowa State, Penn State, Michigan and Michigan State and potentially Ohio State all in the same year. Yeah, the Hawkeyes didn't fulfill my expectations as they lost three games that they could have won. Tyler Sash had a facebook status that read this :

Cute little status update begging people not to comment on your play. Maybe if you spent less time on facebook and more time practicing you could cover scrubs like Trumpy, etc. Maybe you could have covered the AZ receiver. Loved seeing the D WILT at least 3 times this year. Thanks for your part in ruining the season...... thanks @Anthony Sicilio for the message - you will be in my prayers.

    Adrian Clayborn also had a facebook status suggesting that he was getting some hate mail. After reading that and the Hawkeye message boards i  can honestly say I have never been more disappointed at Hawkeye fans in my life.

    Not only the Seniors, but all the football players on the Hawkeye roster work hard day in and day out, in the weight room, classroom and on the practice field. The want to win way more then we want them to win. I can guarantee you that every loss they get, they take it way harder than the Hawkeye fans do, and for Tyler and Adrian to log on to facebook and receive hate mail and harsh comments is flat out embarrassing.  On the week leading up to senior day the fans start to bash some of the Hawkeye players, frankly that's sickening. These 26 seniors help build this program, and played a big role in getting us that Orange Bowl victory.

  • These Seniors chose to come to Iowa in 2005, when the hawks had an overall record of 7-5
  • In 2006 Iowa had a 6-7 record with a loss to Texas in the Alamo Bowl
  • In 2007 These seniors were sophomores and went 6-6 and didn't make a bowl game
  • In 2008 These seniors went 9-4 with a victory over South Carolina in the Outback Bowl
  • In 2009 These Seniors were Juniors and competed in one of the greatest seasons in Hawkeye football history, they beat the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in the Orange bowl
  • In 2010, The season isnt over yet, but I would love to do my part as a fan, and send these Hawks out with a victory over a top 10 ranked team in Ohio State on Senior Day. 
  • Stanzi_medium


    Lets take some time and look back at some of the key plays that has involved some seniors

  1. Ricky Stanzi Last Second TD Pass To Marvin McNutt
  2. Hawks crush Penn State's National Title hopes 
  3. Iowa @ #5 Penn State
  4. Remember the Orange Bowl  

These Seniors have clearly impacted this program is a positive way. It will be the last time that they will step on the turf in Kinnick in pads. Lets let them know how much we appreciate them, Go Hawks


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