CANCELLED: BHGP-a-Thon: Wrestling Edition (Dec. 3rd vs. ISU)

[Brands is actually yelling all of that.--AJ]

[Due to not enough interest, I didn't go through with buying tickets or booking a party at The Vine. I would encourage all FOTP's to still attend the meet, as it's an amazing event, but the I understand if ya'll want nothing to do with Iowa athletics at the present moment. Get ahold of me or the braintrust, however, if you still wanna get together after the meet if you still plan on going.]

In lieu of the BHGP-palooza in Chicago during the jNW weekend and the crumbling of TheFinalGun and Bellanca's tOSU plans, I have chosen to take it upon myself to organize the next installment of "BHGP Meet and Greet". While organizing something for this weekend would prove to be futile and trying to get something going in St. Paul as a resident of eastern Iowa would simply be stupid, I decided to set my sights towards the beginning of winter. And winter in Iowa, as we all know, means wrestling.


The young pants-poopers (or non-pants-poopers, depending on what way you interpret the joke) of Iowa play host what has to be one of the most exciting annual collegiate rivalry events outside of the primary sports when Iowa State comes to town on December 3rd. While I reside north of Iowa City in Cedar Rapids, Papa Grigsby and I have pregamed at the Coralville Wig and Pen many a time, and it's only a short nippley walk up to the CHA from the end of the strip. I just called them, and while they do not book private parties, if you get there early enough seats are usually simple enough to come by. If the Wig and Pen proves to be a dead end, The (other) Vine is literally right next door, and they book private parties, not to mention their floor area is significantly greater. The food and drink at both places is solid, in my humble opinion, so it's difficult to go wrong with either one.

As for tickets, there are still many to be had via the Hawkeye Athletics webpage. This year's contest is less exciting in terms of national ranking than previous years, but who ever let standings get in the way of hatred? Tickets are a paltry $13.00, and while the area isn't that great, just being in that atmosphere is what's important. I would be more than willing to pay for a grouped selection of tix up front and have those interested pay me back over the course of the next month, as long as enough people are interested.

Wrestling meets don't usually draw the interest of football games (obviously), but this is always an amazing event in terms of excitement in the arena (especially on a Black Out night, which would be cool for a meet at CHA). Combine that with much more comfortable seats and a much less insane surrounding atmosphere, and it could prove to be a great place for us hooligans to chill with one another. And, if Ross makes it down*, we can hear him scream "A WINNER IS YOU" in real life. Hoorayz.

Email me at if you're interested. And if you live in Iowa City and have any better ideas (I'm looking at you, TFG) please feel free to voice them and we can change up the plans accordingly.

So, in short...

  • If you're interested, shoot me an email.
  • Let me know how many people you wanna bring, if any.
  • If you wanna help out with organizing, make sure you point that out as wellI

I will edit as soon as I can once I get enough people to email me who are interested and I retrieve a party quote from the Vine (if there's a good number of people).

* Doesn't look like he'll be able to unfortunately. Someone will have to work in his stead.


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