What a disappointment

I would have posted this on the venting thread but the mood over there was a bit like a paranoid schizophrenic who had gone off his meds. Someone was gonna end up with an axe in the back of his head and I didn’t want it to be me.

Saturday’s game just about summed up the entire season: Occasionally good, occasionally bad, ultimately not good enough. Big plays on offense? Yep. Dropped balls and bad decisions? Yep. Timely defensive stops? Yep. 10-yard cushions on 5-yard routes and shaky tacking? Yep. Grab bag of shit on special teams? Not so much, strangely enough.

I’m not calling for a house-cleaning of the coaching staff and I will not single out any players, but Saturday’s output (as well as the season’s) was not good enough. This is not an Outback Bowl team. This is a BCS-caliber team. Aside from Wisconsin (which looks like Zhukov’s war machine at the gates of Berlin), the Hawks have been roughed up by a collection of has-beens and never-will-bees. Watching jNWU flounder at the Motor City Bowl will not make me feel better about what happened on Saturday.

Iowa has to learn to play with a target on its back. To do that will require a different approach and attitude by players and coaches. The Fightin’ Fitzgeralds didn’t sneak up on Iowa. Indiana (not a loss, but damn close) didn’t sneak up on Iowa. Arizona didn’t sneak up on Iowa. In each case the Hawks knew what to expect in terms of play calling and intensity. In two of the three the Hawks got beat. That’s just not good enough. Players and coaches shortchange themselves with efforts like the collective endgame clusterfuck put out on Saturday.

Do Big 10 refs suck? Yes. Has jNWU (Hat tip: Oops Pow Jacobi) become Iowa’s one-game-season nemesis? Yes. Have the Hawks learned to adjust? No. And ~ I want this to be crystal clear ~ Iowa will not be taken seriously on the national stage until it learns to consistently win the games it should. Alabama doesn’t sweat Vanderbilt. Iowa can’t play jNWU without losing its wallet, watch and keys. Fix this.

What’s next? I don’t know. We may see a win next Saturday. The Hawks may also be on the receiving end of an ass whupping. Why? Because Ohio State comes to play, an attitude the Hawks would do well to imitate. Iowa ends the year with a scrimmage against Minnesota and then it’s off to Orlando or wherever.


P.S. ~ Dear jNWU fans, all seven of you.

You won Saturday. Job well done. Break out that bottle of Chateau Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon 1997 and then beat the maid because she didn’t starch your collars properly. What? She’s pregnant with your baby? Looks like Persa isn’t the only one who knows how to score. Amiright? Up top!

Just remember this: Some season you, too, will feel the magic. A Big Ten title game shot, maybe even a spot in the national championship game, will be waiting for you. When that day comes, Iowa will be waiting. And the Hawks will bend you over and fuck you with a rusty spoon. Count on it.

P.P.S ~ The baby is Purdue’s and I pissed in the sauvignon.

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