Wisconsin is awesome or maybe not?

I know Iowa is favored by almost all of the pundits, but I still feel like a lot of people (not including Badger fans) secretly believe Wisconsin is going to win.  I'm tired of reading about how huge and awesome Wisconsin's line is and about how much of a load the White/ Clay duo will be and then the writer picks Iowa.  So I ask myself, are the Bulimia's that good?  And here is what I came up with:

Win Versus UNLV - I know it was the first game of the season but the Badgers made a lot of mistakes and turned the ball over way too much in a sloppy win.  Important stat: Wisconsin gave up 21 points to a team now 1-6 with blowout losses to the likes of Colorado State and Idaho.  The Badgers essentially played a close first half (up by 3) and then crushed them with their Big Ten depth and the massive discrepancy in talent.

Win Versus San Jose State - Once again, early season jitters or legit issues?  The Badgers had 3 fumbles and a pick against another crap team (1-6, they beat Southern Utah and lost to UC Davis and were blown out by everyone except for Wisconsin).  The Badger offense mustered 3 TD's one of which was to a Kendricks who wasn't even covered (I think Iowa will attempt to cover TE's) and the obligatory 2 TD effort by Clay.  Statistically speaking SJSU is the worst team in America except for maybe New Mexico.  120th in scoring offense and 105th in scoring defense will usually do that to a team.

Win Versus Arizona State - Playing at home to the Sun Devils the Badgers escaped defeat by the hands of Bob Sanders wannabe Jay Valai.  Another 120 yard performance by Clay and a turnover free day from Tolzien netted Wisconsin 2 touchdowns and two field goals against a team that has beaten one FBS team - Washington.

Win Versus Austin Peay - 70-3, I guess thats better than having to block 2 field goals, but whatever.

Loss Versus Michigan State - I think this game is the blueprint.  Even though Clay and White rushed for almost 180 yards they still lost.  Tolzien was bad 11/25 for 127 yards and a TD, but what I think is the telling stat is 3-11 on third downs.  MSU slowed Wisconsin RB's enough to force them into obvious passing situations where Tolzien was unable to find the wide open Kendricks he had found against every other crap team they had faced thus far.  The PA was not nearly as effective and even though many will point out that MSU got a special teams TD, MSU turned it over 4 times (one on downs).  It was a good game and Wisconsin did have a chance to win but forcing Tolzien to beat them ultimately resulted in a MSU win.

Win Versus Minnesota - Going for 2 at the end of an ass cracking stick always hurts your chances at winning the Big Ten Sportsmanchip trophy, but its fucking Minnesota, good riddance.  Anyways the day was good for the Wisconsin offense scoring 41 points, but the defensive effort against the Goofers was rather unsettling giving up 23 to 76th best offense in the land.  Another win against a 1 win team whose had their ass handed to them more times than Zed's gimp.  Hooray for you.

Win Versus Ohio State - Has anybody given thought to the fact that maybe Ohio State was overrated?  I mean, from my perspective Wisconsin should have put at least 10 more on the board in that game.  The OSU defense looked lost and tired after the first series ended.  Wisconsin 184 yards rushing and 152 yards passing; not exactly a huge offensive outburst.  In fact I thought that without that kick return TD Wisconsin probably would have lost.  The Badger offense sputtered in the 3rd quarter and it looked as if OSU was coming back except for the fact that TP sucks.  I give credit to Wisconsin for winning and taking it to OSU for most of the game, but in my mind OSU was never number one and I'm not sold on that Buckeye defense either (their D-line is the most overrated thing on TWWL).

Versus Iowa - People seem fixated on the sack number and how Michigan put up 187 yards rushing on our defense like its some sort of indicator that maybe our vaunted D-line isn't so hot.  I call bullshit, Arizona - 63 yards rushing, ISU - 78 yards, PSU - 54 yards, see a trend yet.  That spread crap always puts numbers on us but if you try and line it up and run between the tackles good luck to you my friend.  The Wisconsin rushing attack is between the tackles and opens up everything else when the defense is forced to load the box.  Well, we don't have to do that to stop people and if they think that Clayborn and company aren't up to the task then this is going to happen.

If I had a more thorough point I lost it long ago, but i'm pretty sure that we don't jump around like a bunch of 12 year old girls at a Justin Bieber concert (I'm so tired of hearing about the awsomeness of the Wisconsin Student Section)and our house is scary too.  I just hope that Clay has been taking Yoga cause the boys are ready to fold him into an origami butterfly this time around.

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