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Disclaimer -- I am sorry if this has been done before and for my terrible grammar and punctuation. I did not learn to write as a political science major at Iowa despite my only homework ever being research papers. (please no banhammer for reference to "political science")

So I was watching the aOSU/Wiscy game this weekend when the wife sat down and asked what should be a pretty simple question... Who are we going for? I responded without even thinking, "Wisconsin, I hate Ohio State" After thinking it over for a few minutes I started to realize that was completely unreasonable of me. First of all, most Iowa fans were probably hoping for an undefeated aOSU team to roll into Kinnick on November 20'th so we could hand them their first loss. This would be best case scenario for both our BCS ranking and national perception (which with pre-season polls becomes more and more important.) My hate of aOSU exceeds that of any other program in the Big Ten and it got me thinking.. am I a weird Iowa fan for not despising Minny and Wiscy Purdue over everyone else.... I wonder what the BHGP faithful truly feel about our Big Ten brethren. So without further rambling from me I present to you RATE YOUR HATE. The concept is simple, give me your list of big ten teams from most hated to least hated, and if this actually gets a lot of comments I will be glad to add up all the results into a BHGP hates article. As a bonus question where will Nebraska fit into your hate-o-meter?


I will get it started with my rankings



Let me preface my rankings with this. I started seriously following Iowa football in my first few years of High School and the first season that I really remember was 2002 (when I was a sophomore). I grew up watching the Hawks but that is the first season that really sticks in my mind. This may help to explain my limited scope when considering what my top hated teams are.


1 -- aOSU -- This is a no-brainer for me as there is no other team in the big ten that I would enjoy beating more. Why do I hate them you ask?.. I don't know, does hate of a group of 18-22 year old young men have to be rational? I think it is just the snobby attitude of the fans and the fact that we rarely beat them. Say what you want, they are my #1.


2 -- jNW -- How do these guys keep beating us.. seriously?


3 -- Wiscy -- Stupid boring, clock control, run first offense... wait.. that's what we do.. well like I said this is not rational and I can't come up with a good reason I hate them. (other than traditional we are supposed to)


4 -- Illinois -- My reasoning on this one may offend some people but here it is. I hate the state of Illinois. Just discussing this makes me want to replace aOSU at the top of the list with the fighting zookers. I have a few reasons for this. First of all when I was a student at Iowa and the bears made the super bowl I saw more bandwagon jumping than I thought possible. During the NFL season I saw the occasional bears shirt or jersey but the week of the super bowl at least one out of three students at UofI went out and bought a Urlacher jersey... drove me nuts. The other problem I have with the state is that a very large percentage of students at Iowa come from there and in my experience a very large percentage of them spend their time at Iowa complaining about how lame the state is and how Chicago is so much cooler. After a few drinks at the bar I would often kindly ask them to get the fuck out if they didn't like it...  love it or leave it.. fuck you we are Iowa.


5 -- Minny -- A little tradition here and a little fear about how embarrassing it would be to lose to them in their current state.


6 -- Michigan--See above rant about aOSU but with classier fans and a down program at the moment. They have the potential to move up quickly on the list.


7 -- MSU -- As a fan of smash mouth football, I can't muster up a lot of hate for these guys.


8 -- Purdue -- OMHR!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRR


9 -- Indiana -- I really couldn't care less.


10 -- PSU -- Nothing to see here..


Bonus Question -- Where would Nebraska fit?


Nebraska would jump right into my 5 spot bumping Minny down a peg due to my limited experience with their fans. They seem to be like aOSU without the recent success.


So let's hear it BHGP faithful, who do you hate?

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