Iowa Barely Escapes Iowa State in Finals Match of Cliff Keen National Duals

(Ed. Note: No need for a write-up from me when this one is so good. Nice job, man. --Ross)


"How do those nuts taste? Judging by your look, not too good."


I had a hard time writing that headline without bursting into laughter.

So, what happened in wrestling today you ask? Iowa continued it's utter dominance of Iowa State during Sherman's Brands' March to the 2010 Wrestling National Championship. I'm sure Ross will have a great writeup of what happened during the meet; however, here are a few quick thoughts:

First, the recap of what transpired:

Iowa 19 - Iowa State 12

125: Matt McDonough (Iowa) dec. Andrew Long (ISU) 9-8 (OT)
133: Nicholas Fanthorpe (ISU) dec. Nate Moore (Iowa) 8-3
141: Dan LeClere (Iowa) dec. Dalton Jensen (ISU) 7-2
149: Brent Metcalf (Iowa) dec. Mitch Mueller (ISU) 7-3
157: Aaron Janssen (Iowa) dec. Andrew Sorenson (ISU) 3-1 (OT)
165: Ryan Morningstar (Iowa) dec. Jonathan Reader (ISU) 5-4
174: Jay Borschel (Iowa) maj. dec. Ryan Burk (ISU) 10-2
184: Jerome Ward (ISU) dec. Philip Keddy (Iowa) 7-5 (OT)
197: Jake Varner (ISU) dec. Luke Lofthouse (Iowa) 7-1
Heavyweight: David Zabriskie (ISU) dec. Jordan Johnson (Iowa) 4-1

At first glance, this looks like it was a close meet, but looks are deceiving in this case. Iowa was fully in the driver's seat after Borschel made Ryan Burk his bitch, and Philip Keddy staved off a Technical Fall or Pin by Jerome Ward to seal the deal. With the exception of Nate Moore at 133, Iowa dominated Iowa State leading up to the Keddy/Ward match. Clearly, Iowa State has a lot of talent in its upper weights; however, they are still trying to figure things out in the lower ones. Furthermore, Iowa was without four starters -- Daniel Dennis, Chad Beatty, Dan Erekson and Joe Slaton. Slaton at 141 is academically ineligible until Spring classes start on Monday, Dennis at 133 is out with an injury, Beatty at 197 is out until the Big Ten Championships with a foot injury, and Erekson at heavyweight is still out with his injury. The Wrestling team is quickly adopting the Football team's mantra of "Next man in," and those wrestlers who are filling in, are doing so marvelously.

Ryan Morningstar had a huge upset at 165

Jonathan Reader came into the match ranked #3 nationally at 165, while Morningstar was ranked #5. Going into the closing minute of the third period, Morningstar was behind 4-2, and Reader had 1:32 of riding time to his scoring advantage. So, what did Morningstar do about it? He got a quick escape, and reversed Reader for a takedown, plus, erased enough riding time to prevent Reader from tying the match. Reader is just happy that Cael Sanderson is no longer coaching him, or else he might be spending a bit of time outside to think about what he did.

(Ed. Note: Morningstar also ended Reader's two-match winning streak in their rivalry, but as often as they've met in their careers, they seem destined to meet at the NCAA Tournament, too, so hopefully Morningstar keeps the good vibes going.)


"Shed? You'll wish all I did is put you in a shed." - Cael Sanderson*

Philip Keddy was robbed of a decision

Keddy was knotted up with Jerome Ward as the final seconds of the third period ticked off the clock. He shot, got Ward's foot, and threw him to the mat as time was expiring. Clearly, the referees were not aware that we have a football player who is the greatest American in this great country, as they called the period, and Keddy was not awarded any points. Adrian Clayborn has been dispatched accordingly, and that is the last time we will see them calling a meet, ever. From what I'm told by my friend watching this match on IPTV, Ward hit the mat with one second left on the clock. Since I was watching via the webcast, there wasn't any sort of time displayed, and I had to take the word of the referee for it. Keddy quickly ceded defeat in the sudden death period, and fell to the mat like a limp noodle for a Ward takedown in the first ten seconds.

There's a reason Jay Borschel is #1 at 174 lbs.

Borschel and Ryan Burk entered the second period tied at 0-0, and then it was all downhill from there for Burk. While it seems that Borschel's signature is to start slow and then come on at the end, he does so in dominating fashion. He scored the major decision for Iowa, and defeated Burk 10-2. It was apparent from the early seconds of the first period that Borschel had an advantage in strength and talent. Had he not spent the first period with his head locked with Burk's, this match could have ended in even uglier fashion for Burk.

(Ed. Note: Borschel's ranking depends where you look -- InterMat has him #2, while AWN has him #1, but he has been awesome this year.  Imagine how awesome he'd be with the 'stache!)

 *   *   *

So, on we go to the meet with Oklahoma State at Carver Hawkeye Arena next Saturday. This will be another good test of our guys against a perennial powerhouse, hopefully it will not end in the same fashion as when they visited in 2008.


Time: 7:00 PM CST
Television Coverage: Big Ten Network

* - Cael Sanderson may or may not have said this, the last person to hear it is no longer with us.

Unless otherwise expressly indicated by BHGP editors, this FanPost is strictly the viewpoint of the author and is not endorsed by BHGP in any way.

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