Bowl Season: An Iowa Fan's Cheering Guide

The bowl season is finally upon us (well, not quite but soon).  As always, this bowl season promises nothing but exciting interesting guaranteed money-making football matchups.  As we all know, the Big Ten's national rep is about as low as it can get, we need bowl wins to boost the league's image.  Unfortunately, almost none of the league's bowl teams has much, if any, history against their opponent so it is difficult to anyone to really hate the team they're playing against.  Given that lack of natural emotional response, what's an Iowa fan to do?  Below, I bring you my rooting interests in the league's bowl games and a few others of note.

I invite you, gentle readers of BHGP, to share your thoughts as well.  Because what's college football without the mindless hatred of a team comprised post-adolescents you'll never meet simply because they're playing another team of post-adolescent men on a team you have some degree of affinity for?

Orange Bowl:  Iowa, duh.  If I need to explain why, you're clearly on the wrong site

Rose Bowl:  I'll hold my nose and go with OSU.  I don't want to root for the Buckeyes, but let's be honest, the league needs the prestige boost an OSU win would provide.  Besides, there's just something about Oregon that really annoys me.  Maybe it's the media constantly touting them as the "team on the rise" to watch.  Or maybe it's the 5,248 uniform combos, all of which are hideous.  Yeah, it's probably the uniforms.

Cap One:  PSU, outside of one week a year, who around here has anything negative to say about the Fightin' JoePas?

Outback Bowl:  This one is tough.  On the one hand, a win over an SEC team would do wonders to boost the Big Ten's rep.  Add in the fact that it's against Chizik and you have a strong reason to pull for Northwestern.  On the other hand, the eleven jNWU fans in the world are insufferable enough now, can you imagine how bad they'll be if they actually have a bowl win occurring after the Korean War to crow about?  Yeah, that would be unbearable; reluctantly, gotta throw my nickel bet behind the Tigers.

Alamo Bowl:  MSU, just 'cause.  But I give them about a 2% chance.

Insight Bowl:  Admittedly, picking a team to root for in this game is like choosing between Stalin and Hitler in a "Nicest Guy" contest, both options suck and run contrary to the basic premise of the decision.  I'm approaching this one from the perspective of pure Iowa self-interest.  As someone (RossWB maybe?) mentioned in the threads, Rhoads probably guaranteed himself plenty of goodwill just by getting to this bowl while Brewster is starting to feel the heat from his chair.  A Minny win probably gives Brewster some breathing room.  And for an Iowa fan, the comedic possibilities and guaranteed yearly Hawkeye win Brewster brings to the table are too irresistible to pass up.  GO FIGHT BOWL GOPHER TRY WIN BABY!!!!!

Champs Sports Bowl:  Don't really care.  But I love DA U!

Fiesta (aka Battle of the Unbeatens for Jack Shit!) Bowl:  TCU.  Boise seems to gimmicky for me and I really like the style of football TCU plays.

Sugar Bowl:  Tebow Tears cure every ailment known to man.  Thus, we have to collect as many as possible before they disappear into myth (like unicorns, Atlantis and Big XII defenses).  And the only way to get more is for Tebow to lose:  Go Bearcats!

National Title Game:  Two storied powerhouse college football teams with rich traditions and history that I admire and respect coached by two of the least honorable men in college football.  I've already used my Stalin-Hitler comparison above (kinda wish I hadn't shot my load so quickly on that one), so I'll go with saying $aban and Brown are like Pol Pot and Idi Amin:  pulling for either leaves you feeling dirty.  In a close one, gotta go with Alabama, at least $aban doesn't whine as constantly as Mack Brown.

Unless otherwise expressly indicated by BHGP editors, this FanPost is strictly the viewpoint of the author and is not endorsed by BHGP in any way.

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