Got weird? 6.4 v. 5.2.

That was one strange football game.  No I am not going to pile on Jake, because it's not his depth chart and he sure ain't scripting plays.  

And I don't have any sympathy for Dezman Death-Wish, because if, at this point, you don't know that it's time to have your algebra tutor secretly buy you a case of Keystone Light (if you absolutely, positively must binge) and hang out at one of your friends' off-campus hovels, where you pass out, I guess, in your binge-puke, then you are a fool.  Face it, this team now must offer the comportment of high school military academy students.  Or it's back home to the evil step-mother.

And no, I am not going to say anything today about the mysterious nooks and crannies of Ken "George Patton" O'Keefe's brain.  They'll be burning him in effigy soon, if he doesn't in fact get his own corrupt skit on SNL.  And that too is misguided, because he didn't hire himself.

But here's how weird that game was:

When was the last time your RB averaged 20% more per touch than your QB averaged per pass?  (6.4 ypc v 5.2 ypa.) 

And yet, this wasn't some anomalous thing in which we run the single wing and throw it 7 times, badly.  We threw more than Shonn ran. (24 attempts, 23 Shonn-runs.)  This is cognitive dissonance, folks; this is statistical never-never land.  This is not seeing what is happening on the field.  We have an RB who is knocking the helmets off defenders (literally and repeatedly), an O-Line that was ready to destroy them in Q4.  Our D-Line destroyed their will with 7 straight 3-and-outs, and their eyes were turning ghostly and their mouths were opening with "oh shit we are so getting pounded by those hayseeds".  

So we went back to the pass.  Our QB averages less per attempt than our RB.  It should have been all Shonn, all the time, in the last 20 minutes of that game, just like Riggins or any other power back with a group of hogs up front rooting and driving.  

For the season this strange statistic endures:  JC YPA: 6.5; SG YPC: 6.4.   I'm sure this has happened before but I don't know when I have seen it in DI with a pro-set offense.

BTW, this was game 4 with busted and late communications between the OC and the QB.  I'm keeping track of this, because this little feature of Iowa football is beyond weird.  It's just sloppy, stupid, and unprofessional.  If I am on that sideline, wearing a helmet, I'm laughing cynically at this.   And cynicism is not a good thing on a ballclub.

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