BlogpLOL Week 3: The Pac-10 Implodes, or Perception Separates from Reality

As always, comments and critiques can go in the comment thread.  Final poll goes into the hopper at midnight Tuesday.


Week three is barely finished, and the perception game has already started.

Yes, USC killed OSU to death in one of the more brutal asskickings of the weekend.  Yes, LMAOchigan lost to Notre Effing Dame.  When both Ohio State and Michigan suffer high-profile losses (especially when they really weren't close), the "BIG TEN SUCKZ LOLMAO!!!!" chatter becomes deafening, especially from people so stupid that they type things like "BIG TEN SUCKZ LOLMAO!!!!" and read Loser With Socks.

Week Three Blogpoll Ballot
1. Southern Cal
2. Oklahoma
3. Missouri
4. Florida
5. Penn State
6. Georgia
7. Alabama
8. East Carolina
9. Texas Tech
10. Wisconsin
11. Texas
12. South Florida
13. LSU
14. Auburn
15. Wake Forest
16. Ohio State
17. BYU
18. Vanderbilt
19. Utah
20. Oklahoma State
21. North Carolina
22. Iowa
23. Nebraska
24. Tulsa
25. Oregon

Farmed out to prep school:
Arizona State, California, Kansas, Arizona, TCU, Fresno State

Tackle eligible:
Florida State, TCU, Kentucky, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Connecticut, Kansas, Cincinnati, Fresno State

Kansas-USF, Iowa-Iowa State, Ohio State-USC, the bottom of a rocks glass

Lost in the USC/OSU aftermath was the rest of the Pac-10 finishes, and they were top-to-bottom brutal on a level not seen so far this season:

Maryland (who beat Delaware by 7 and lost to Middle Tennessee) 35 - California (who finally gave me the reason I've been looking for) 27

TCU (who is not coached by Jim Harbaugh) 31 - Stanford (who is) 14

New Mexico (who is not coached by Steve Alford) 36 - Arizona (who just plays like they're coached by Steve Alford) 28

UNLV (who play in Las Vegas) 23 - Arizona State (who provide Las Vegas strip clubs with cheerleaders) 20

Oklahoma (who is very good) 55 - Washington (who was very good 20 years ago) 14

Baylor (who is Baylor) 45 - Wazzu (who only wishes they were Baylor) 17

BYU (who doesn't drink, gamble, or swear) 59 - UCLA (who does all that during a Bruins Nation Fan!Shot!!!(TM)) 0

That's three wins in 10 games, four of which were played against the Mountain West conference (the Pac-10 was 0-4 in those games).  That's not a bad week; that's motherfucking Chernobyl.

A few people have acknowledged this unbelievably bad weekend for the Pac-10, but it's universally come only after the obligatory Buckeye smashing.  I'm all in favor of making fun of Ohio State (just for kicks, if for nothing else), but let's get some balance to the coverage here.  If the Big 10 had a weekend where they lost to 4 MAC teams, we'd never hear the end of it.

Christ, I'm turning into John McCain.

This week's poll is a complete rejiggering of the rankings (after I did dumbass things - like moving Cal into the top 15 and forgetting Texas Tech - last week).  Penn State goes ahead of Georgia this week, based on the fact that they have skullfucked every one of their cupcakes and Georgia most certainly has not. And for any of you who want to argue that Penn State "hasn't played anyone," neither has LSU.  I guarantee you have them in your top 10, so shut the fuck up.

While we're on the topic, I hate to break it to you SEC fans, but there's little doubt the Big XII has passed the SEC in the conference supremacy wars.  Your argument looked better before South Carolina continued the death spiral it entered in the second half of last season, Auburn had the promise of some sort of offense, and Tennessee proved to be 62 points worse than Brigham Young.

Now that the entire Pac-10 has been removed from the poll, there's little reason to keep Iowa out.  Number 22 it is.  Number 22 with a bullet.

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